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Miami rejects medical cannabis dispensaries. A lawsuit could bring matter to a head

Two companies fighting to open medical marijuana dispensaries downtown have sued the city of Miami, challenging the city’s stance that federal law trumps the Florida Constitution.

Miami’s city government has rejected cannabis dispensaries since Florida voters approved the creation of a full-fledged medical marijuana marketplace in a 2016 referendum that amended the state Constitution. Instead of creating zoning restrictions to regulate where dispensaries can open, or outright banning them, Miami has created no new laws and relied on an internal legal opinion that the change to the Florida Constitution was moot because federal law continues to categorize marijuana as an illegal substance with no medicinal value.


4 Ways to Avoid Making Dispensaries' Biggest Mistake

I don’t blame any small business owner for scrutinizing expenses and pushing away salespeople touting their latest and greatest product. I’ve been there. My keep-your-hands-off-my-tiny-pile-of-cash approach saved me time initially, but I also missed opportunities where I could have spent money to make money and run my business more effectively.


Dispensaries Could Get a Lift from Stimulus Checks

The stimulus checks that many Americans are beginning to receive this week could also stimulate the cannabis industry, namely the dispensaries. Viridian Capital Advisors said it expects the latest stimulus check will translate to higher than normal retail sales in the near-term, as well as inflated wholesale prices, which are driven by that stronger retail demand.


Arizona Dispensaries Rewarding Covid-19 Vaccinations With Free Edibles

A chain of cannabis dispensaries in Arizona is offering an enticing incentive to those who have received a Covid-19 vaccine: free marijuana edibles. The offer from The Mint dispensaries continues a trend of support for coronavirus vaccinations from members of the cannabis community seen in other locations across the country.


“Ban” On Girl Scout Cookie Sales Outside Dispensaries Overturned

In the USA, enterprising girl scouts have enjoyed roaring trade selling their cookies outside of recreational and medical cannabis centres (go figure). But it hasn’t been without its upsets.

On the first weekend of this month, a girl scout troop set themselves up selling cookies in front of The Greenhouse of Walled Lake, a legal medical and recreational marijuana dispensary and provisioning center in Oakland, Michigan. The girls sold more than 1,000 boxes.

It was such a hit that The Greenhouse invited other troops to return last weekend. However, it appears Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan council found out about it and stopped the event from happening, suggesting it was against policy.


Rhode Island seeks bidders to run a lottery to decide who operates 6 new medical marijuana dispensaries

inside of a cannabis greenhouse

Rhode Island is looking for an experienced person or a firm to create and run a lottery in May to decide who operates six proposed new medical marijuana dispensaries.

On Friday the state posted online a request for proposals to “design and develop the methodology for the random selection process,” that would be held, in public, around May 14.

“The firm or individual will be primarily responsible for securing all equipment, technology, or other necessary mediums to run the process.”

Lotteries have been used in other jurisdictions around the country to decide who wins the often lucrative licenses, but the practice hasn’t been universally endorsed here.


N.J. can resume issuing new medical marijuana licenses after court ruling settles lawsuit

neon medical green cross

The state can resume its review of nearly 150 medical marijuana license applications that have sat untouched for more than a year, thanks to a ruling from a state appellate court Thursday.

The court ruled against all but one medical marijuana license applicant rejected by the Department of Health in 2019. It upheld the department’s denial of seven other applications.


Study: The More Dispensaries a County Has, the Fewer Opioid-Related Deaths

person holding a baggie of cannabis and a jar of cannabis

Cannabis advocates have long called for allowing people to treat pain with marijuana rather than opioids. A new study shows that this is exactly what happens when you give people the freedom to choose between the two.

The study, published in The British Medical Association Journal, found that in United States counties, medical or recreational cannabis is available for purchase, the number of opioid-related deaths declined.


Dispensary Construction: How Much Does It Cost?

empty construction site

As a dispensary builder, one of the most common questions we’re asked is: How much does it cost to build a cannabis dispensary? We usually answer that question with about 20 questions of our own, because no two cannabis retail stores are the same.

Even when we build dispensaries for national companies that specify the same design and finishes, we face unique circumstances in each state that affect overall project costs. Ultimately, that cost can range anywhere from $350,000 to $3.5 million.


Seriously, Every Country in the World Should Have Dispensaries

spoon full of concentrate being analysed

Medical cannabis legalization can come in many forms, and as such, not all medical cannabis programs, like dispensaries, are created equal.

On one end of the medical cannabis policy spectrum are countries that only permit limited use of CBD medicines/products.

Technically those countries have legalized medical cannabis, however, only in an extremely limited fashion.

On the other end of the spectrum are countries that have fully embraced cannabis as a medicine and patients have safe access to it, complete with the legal right to cultivate cannabis at home.

One component of a medical cannabis program is particularly important at least when it comes to fighting the opioid epidemic.


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