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Does cheap weed give a consumer a good high?

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There are a growing number of similarities between wine enthusiasts and weed enthusiasts.

The rise of the weed dispensary has brought joy to many cannabis consumers. Some say that marijuana dispensaries have helped diversify the strains of weed and have completely revolutionized how people in the U.S. get high.


Few options exist at MSU for prospective cannabis students

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Thousands of students attend Michigan State University to study biology, chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, business and agriculture. While these programs might not seem all too similar, an uncommon link creates a connection between them all — cannabis.

Its multi-disciplinary nature and wide variety of uses have resulted in a multi-million-dollar industry, especially since its legalization for recreational use in 2019. This has resulted in a student population that is seeking to focus on entrance into this industry.

But these students won't find any level of cannabis-focused education at MSU.


Pasco schools receive grant for youth tobacco and cannabis prevention and education


The Educational Service District 123 received over $230,000 in grant funds for tobacco and cannabis prevention and education over the next five years. The Youth Cannabis and Commercial Tobacco Prevention Program Hispanic/Latinx Priority Population grant takes effect with the start of the 2022-23 school year. 

The funding goes towards educational resources for Hispanic and Latinx students and families regarding cannabis and tobacco prevention. Some resources include education for both parents and youth, media outreach in English and Spanish and the distribution of containers that store products safely by locking. 


How to prevent uneven burning in your rolled joints

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Canoeing is a term used to describe the uneven burning of a joint. The blunt burns more on one side than the other, which takes the fun out of smoking. Here’s how to avoid it.

Regular and occasional smokers would have had a joint at least once since they commenced their smoking journey. The few who might deny it probably have no clue what canoeing means, or they’ve been fortunate.

Canoeing has nothing to do with experience because even the most experienced smokers occasionally have their blunts shaped like canoes.

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What is TAC and why should you care about it in your cannabis products?

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TAC allows you to experiment with different product ratios to decipher the concentration that gives you the best cannabis experience.

Cannabis is a highly versatile herb. As the world continues to embrace it, millions of people are being introduced to the various cannabinoids that make up the plant. Often, the tag “TAC” can be found written on the packages of cannabis products. But very few understand what this “TAC” is all about.

First of all, TAC stands for Total Active Cannabinoids. It refers to the cannabis profile of a strain. When purchasing a cannabis product or seed, consumers are able to have more insight into the total cannabinoid content of the strain. With TAC, users can customize their cannabis sessions.


Shining a light on the Thailand cannabis community


In a country known for cannabis exports, the Thailand cannabis community thrives despite legislative challenges.

Thailand hasn’t always prohibited cannabis; it’s part of the culture.

Ganja plants were typically grown on the side of the house and used in traditional Thai medicine and Thai massage. Even today, some grandparents cultivate a few plants and toss a couple of leaves in their Tom Yom (traditional Thai soup).

The U.S. illicit market fueled Thai Stick exports, which came from U.S. soldiers based in the Kingdom during the Vietnam War. At the time, there was no legal or moral taboo surrounding the plant in Thailand.


Denver hotel first in nation to receive license for legal weed consumption


Denver has long been a desirable travel destination. With the legalization of adult-use cannabis, tourism has been on fire and hotels have been trying to keep up. Indeed, a recent study showed an increase of 120,000 hotel rooms rented per month once tourists were able to purchase cannabis legally, yet public consumption of cannabis was banned in Denver.

Enter the Patterson Inn, the first licensed cannabis consumption lounge in a hotel, which just obtained a provisional license from the city of Denver, clearing a major cannabis licensing hurdle to operate a cannabis consumption lounge as an amenity to the adjacent hotel.


How the pandemic created a new generation of stoners


Americans who rarely, if ever, smoked marijuana before the pandemic now say they’re turning to weed to help them cope

Three years ago, Ricardo Capuano, 32, didn’t know how much a gram of marijuana cost. Now, after years of lockdown and an extended period of overwhelming anxiety, he has become something of a weed connoisseur.

Capuano was never a stoner; sure, he dabbled in high school, but beer and mezcal were always his “weapon of choice”. It wasn’t until the summer of 2020, in the pits of Covid despair, that he found himself reformed as a proud, regular toker. In fact, Capuano found himself actually proselytizing about the splendor of cannabis to his friends during their weekly online poker games. “I was starting to become an advocate,” he laughs.


Problems blamed on cannabis that actually have nothing to do with cannabis


Cannabis gets blamed for a ton of stuff it does not cause!

Every other week I notice these “cannabis studies” that find “using it to treat pain could make you an addict” or that “cannabis users’ age quicker” and a number of other alarmist titles. Of course, the vast majority of these studies could be designed to make milk have similar findings – yet rarely do we see actual studies on the “cannabis problems” that are NOT caused by cannabis but rather the laws surrounding cannabis.


Where to buy legal weed in Las Vegas


Pick up prerolls, flower, tinctures, vape pens, edibles, and more at Vegas’ best cannabis dispensaries.


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