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Romania Allows Medicinal Marijuana Use... Sort Of

Authorized medical patients in Romania may now use marijuana derivatives to allay their pain under new provisions in two of the country's narcotic laws, according to local reports.


Over 10% of Romania’s teenagers smoke cannabis, survey shows


Save the Children Romania found that 26 percent of the boys and 11 percent of the girls in Romania smoked their first cigarette before the age of 13, while 6 percent of the boys aged between 11 and 15 smoke weekly. Moreover, 12 percent of Romania’s teenagers smoke cannabis.

The NGO recently launched a national health education program through which thousands of children in Romanian schools will learn how to make healthy choices for their lives.


Romania becomes 10th country in the EU to allow medical use of marijuana


Romania has become the tenth country in the European Union to allow the use of medical marijuana to treat diseases such as epilepsy, cancer and multiple sclerosis.

So far, the ban on possession and use covered all forms of marijuana. However, two of the laws on narcotic substances now state that some of the plant’s derivatives may be used for medical purposes.

However, the doctors pointed out that marijuana will not be used as a drug, for recreational purposes, but certain compounds of the plant will be used to help decrease pain and the frequency of dramatic seizures.


High time to decriminalise ganja

Norris McDonald, Contributor

Medical marijuana is now a growing industry in the United States (US) and that country's Attorney General Eric Holder has said the federal government will no longer attempt to fight the 20 states that, in one form or another, have legalised the weed.

I was quite surprised therefore, when I read that Dr Dayton Campbell, a medical practitioner and member of parliament, claims that there will be wide-ranging negative effects if Jamaica decriminalises marijuana.


“Cutting the Grass”: A Cannabis Users Support Group

SSJ runs a range of addiction services across Hampshire.  Recently, the Southampton Drugs teams have noted a rise in the amount of people presenting to the service using cannabis in a problematic way.  Over the last year, Southampton Drug Services engaged over 550 Service Users in treatment.  Of those, just under a third admitted using cannabis regularly, with a fifth of all clients attending these services expressly stating cannabis was their main drug of choice.



Give ganja green light

Scientist urges Gov't to facilitate Ja tapping into multibillion-dollar medical marijuana industry

Christopher Serju, Gleaner Writer

A prominent Jamaican scientist has challenged the Government to pave the way for the development of a medical ganja industry, which would go a far way in providing cost-effective treatment for a number of lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, glaucoma and schizophrenia, while yielding enormous economic benefits for the country.

Dr Henry Lowe says Jamaica is missing out on hundreds of billions of dollars which could be earned from the wide range of cosmeceutical, neutraceutical and pharmaceutical products being developed across the world.


Hemp vs Dagga - Business News | IOL Business

hempIndependent Newspapers.

Hemp is increasingly emerging on the radar of businesses and farmers, says a partner in a hemp company.

Tony Budden, a partner with Duncan Parker in Hemporium, a company that imports hemp materials and then creates items out of these, said more and more farmers, from the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, were expressing interest in hemp.

He said a number of companies were also interested in using hemp, which he described as a “zero waste” plant as all of it could be used.

Hemp, a fibre crop, is a member of the same family as dagga, which is illegal in South Africa.


Wake N' Bacon: Seattle Butcher Sells Pot-Infused Pork

Local butcher bringing home the bacon with 'marijuana fed pigs'

Pike Place Market butcher William Von Schneidau calls his latest creation the "pot pig."


And it's exactly what it sounds like: Von Schneidau, owner of BB Ranch Meats, has teamed up with local marijuana grower Top Shelf Organic to raise pigs fed on pot plants.

The so-called "pot-bellied porkers" are then turned into marijuana-infused bacon.

"It just got so popular we ran out of meat," von Schneidau recalled.

Though the weed does produce "redder and more savory" pigs, von Schneidau says the bacon itself won't get you high.


Medical Marijuana, Opioids and a Deeply Confused Public

Medical marijuana is mostly prescribed for pain in the 18 states and District of Columbia that allow it. Yet it continues to provoke adolescent snickers and inevitable bong jokes.

And addiction to opioid painkillers is anchored in concern about its abuse leading to addiction.

Common to both is public fixation on the illicit and the seamy rather than the humane and the responsible.


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