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Indiana Police Call in the US Military and Raid 146 'Dangerous'

Indianapolis, IN — On Wednesday, the Indiana State Police announced that they have raided 146 marijuana grow plots throughout the southern region of the state.

In an unprecedented show of force, officers from the Indiana State Police, the Indiana National Guard Counter Drug Task Force, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Forest Service, Civil Air Patrol, Indiana Department of Natural Resources and local agencies, authorities seized thousands of marijuana plants.

pot field

Law enforcement surveyed Southern Indiana land by air to find plots of marijuana. (Photo: Provided by ISP)


Medical marijuana bust in NOTL

It’s one of the largest medical marijuana busts in the country. Niagara police raided a medical marijuana grow on Lakeshore in Niagara-on-the-lake and cut down and seized nearly 900 plants, worth $1.6 million dollars.

Outside and behind the greenhouse police found 843 large marijuana plants growing in the hoop houses and on the grounds. Growing marijuana outside is illegal.  11 people were arrested and the property was seized.

Hans Rannala lives next door and says this marijuana grow op has been here for a few years.

The government tried to shut these types of medical marijuana grows down, but they’ve challenged it in court.

“My hands were tied.  Enforcement’s hands were tired.  They couldn’t do anything until the grow op did something silly or stupid.”


Fed warrant: 20 individuals grew, shipped Colorado cannabis to Florida

Authorities say 20 people in southern Colorado were part of an illegal marijuana syndicate that collected pot at 8 buildings– more than 1,000 plants– and shipped it to Florida via the United Parcel Service.

Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents and regional police officers have taken 28 weapons, more than $25,000 and 50 pounds of processed marijuana, according to court files filed Wednesday.

Search warrants were performed by U.S. Medication Enforcement agents and regional constable’s offices in Custer and Freemont counties near the towns of Cotopaxi and Westcliffe.

Twenty individuals have actually been charged and 17 remain in custody, according to a U.S. Lawyer’s Office, District of Colorado, media release.


Ontario: Marijuana grow operation dismantled

Police have dismantled a large scale marijuana grow operation on Lakeshore Road in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Police conducted an investigation after receiving several complaints. A search warrant was executed at the property and 11 people were arrested.

Niagara Regional Police report the location has four separate legal marijuana grow licences, however not one of the persons named on the licences were at this location at the time police executed the search warrant.

Police seized 843 large marijuana plants that were being grown outside. Police say the fact these plants were outside contravened the licence to grow as all the marijuana was to be grown indoors. The value of the marijuana seized is about $1.6-million.


Man arrested after accepting marijuana delivery


Undercover police officers arrested a man after he had almost 5 pounds of marijuana delivered to a local business.

Police said they had been investigating James Lobasco for having marijuana shipped to him in the past.

Officers said they observed Lobasco and his girlfriend parked outside a business at 1215 Ninth Ave. N. on Wednesday.

Officers saw a U.S. Mail truck pull into the business and drop off a box. When the mail truck left, police said the suspect’s girlfriend entered the business and picked up the package.

Police said they detained Lobasco and his girlfriend while a K-9 unit arrived.

After the K-9 indicated there was narcotics inside the package, police said Lobasco consented for a search of the package.


England: Cannabis grower pledges to judge: 'You won't see me again'

A dad told a judge "you won't see me again" after he spared him jail for growing up to £23,000 worth of cannabis.

Scott Radford, 35, made his gratitude known in court after he faced prison for cultivating the Class B drug in his attic.

Police unearthed 56 plants when they searched his home, Nottingham Crown Court heard on Friday, September 4.

His growing techniques resulted in an mini drug dealing enterprise to a limit number of regular customers.

But despite his success cultivating the plant, his accountancy skills were not up to scratch.

He was owed more than £9,000 for cannabis on credit.


England: Bucket of cannabis found in car boot

Officers arrest 2 for possession of cannabis with intent to supply. Ruined someone's day!

Police have seized a bucket of cannabis from a couple in North Yorkshire. Officers from North Yorkshire Police stopped a silver Audi at Gate Helmsley and found the cannabis in a bucket in the boot.

The two occupants of the car, a 20-year-old man and a 24-year-old woman, both from East Yorkshire, were arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply cannabis.

Both have been released on bail pending further enquiries.


Police on stand-by as group holds 'cannabis picnic' in Leeds park

Police said they would “respond appropriately” after a campaign group announced plans to hold a picnic for cannabis users in a Leeds park.

Members of the Leeds Cannabis Social Club were due to gather on Saturday, September 5, at Hyde Park in what they called a peaceful “act of civil disobedience”.

The group is one of several across the country that are campaigning for changes to drug laws.

A spokesman said: “We think that the time police are made to spend dealing with cannabis consumers is a waste of their valuable time and money and a waste of the tax payers money.


Australia: 'I ate cannabis this morning': NSW Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham discusses hemp industry at budget estimates

A NSW Greens MP has told a budget estimates hearing he broke the law by eating cannabis this morning, to prove a political point about hemp-based foods.

Jeremy Buckingham made the confession before asking Primary Industries Minister Niall Blair why it was illegal to consume hemp seed in New South Wales, stifling a potentially lucrative industry.

The ABC understands Mr Buckingham had eaten some certified organic hemp seeds before attending the hearing.

According to Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, hemp is a source of protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids.

Low-THC hemp can be grown in NSW under licence, but it is used for its fibres and oil, not for food.


Crown attorney notes danger of driving under influence of pot

A marijuana-impaired teenager driving an uninsured vehicle was placed on a year's probation and fined $500 in Sarnia court.

The 18-year-old pleaded guilty Thursday to the charges. They include driving while impaired, possession of marijuana, and driving an uninsured vehicle.

On May 9 police spotted the teen's vehicle nearly striking a parked car as it left a convenience store in Brooke-Alvinston. The vehicle swerved along the road until stopped by police.

The vehicle smelled of marijuana, police said. Three freshly-rolled marijuana cigarettes, including a partially-smoked one, were found inside. The marijuana weighed 3.6 grams.

An assessment by a drug recognition officer determined the teen's ability to drive was impaired by marijuana.


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