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Busted grow houses converted to Habitat for Humanity homes under Sacramento plan

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Habitat for Humanity considers it a win-win situation for both affordable housing and busted growers.

The City of Sacramento and Habitat for Humanity whipped up a plan to kill two birds with one stone—offering people busted with grow houses to donate their house to a worthy cause instead of paying high penalties.

Since busted growers already face six-digit amounts of money in administrative penalties, this program would simply allow them to put their properties to good use instead, perhaps reducing costs in the process. Under the program, property owners who get cited for illegally running cannabis grow operations can choose to donate their property directly to Habitat for Humanity. The program is called Justice for Neighbors (JFN).


Justice Department reports federal arrests for marijuana declined as the more states legalize it

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The US Department of Justice reported that federal marijuana arrests continue to decline as more states move to legalize cannabis.

Cannabis busts dropped an average of 11 percent each year since 2010 when the DEA made 8,215 arrests,” reported Marijuana Moment. (Benzinga)

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, several factors generate a decrease in arrests, including the coronavirus pandemic which drove an "81% decline in arrests and a 77% decline in the cases charged from March to April 2020."


North Carolina lawmaker introduces legalization bill

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The North Carolina legislation faces long odds in the Republican-controlled General Assembly.

A Democratic lawmaker in North Carolina on Monday introduced a bill that would legalize the sale and possession of recreational cannabis for adults in the state.

State Sen. Toby Fitch’s proposal focuses primarily on “the sale, possession and use of marijuana,” according to the Winston-Salem Journal, “although a section covers the legal use of industrial hemp.”

As in other states and cities that have lifted the prohibition on pot, Fitch’s bill would apply to individuals who are 21 and older.


Delaware Gov. John Carney vetoes popular marijuana legalization bill



He said he was going to do it, and on Tuesday, Delaware Gov. John Carney vetoed a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in the state. His decision disappointed many, including those in the Democrat’s own party.

To legalize marijuana or not? It’s a decision that’s creating a lot of buzz in Delaware.

“For being the first state, I feel like we’re always the last in everything,” Delaware resident Caitlyn Scully said.

On Tuesday, Gov. John Carney vetoed a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana for up to one ounce for adults.

“Very surprised. Very, very,” Delaware resident Liam Dinan said.

“I don’t know what to say for a Democratic governor to do that is just, I’m speechless.”


Imtroducing the Pet Cannabis Coalition: The advocacy group supporting efforts to legalize cannabis for California pets

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The Pet Cannabis Coalition is supporting California Assembly Bill 1885 that will formally legalize cannabis products for pets and allow veterinarians to recommend them for a range of conditions

The Pet Cannabis Coalition, a recently established advocacy group that supports legislation aimed at legalizing cannabis products for pets and creating a legal framework that will allow veterinarians to recommend these products, is announcing today its full support of California Assembly Bill 1885 (AB 1885). If passed, the bill will amend existing language to clearly specify that California veterinarians won't risk discipline by the state's Veterinary Medical Board for recommending the use of cannabis on an animal for potential therapeutic effect or health supplementation purposes.


Proposal would shield Louisiana’s state employees who use medical marijuana


The House Committee on Labor and Industrial Relations unanimously advanced a bill Thursday that would protect Louisiana’s state employees who are legally treated with medical marijuana.

House Bill 988, sponsored by Rep. Mandie Landry, D-New Orleans, protects state employees from negative consequences if they are diagnosed with a condition for which their doctor recommends medical marijuana that is used in accordance with state law.

The law would protect employees from being fired and would protect prospective employees from being discriminated against for their use of medical marijuana.

The bill would not apply to law enforcement, firefighters or other public safety officials.


Feds in California arrest entrepreneur with huge social media following on interstate pot trafficking, gun possession charges

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Kamil Misztal released on $100,000 bail

Federal prosecutors have filed marijuana trafficking and gun possession charges against a popular social media influencer who runs a luxury car rental business in Illinois, court records show. Kamil Misztal, 31, was charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm and possessing more than 100 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute. He was released from federal custody May 16 on a $100,000 bond, three days after arranging to turn himself in on the federal arrest warrant.


Sacha Baron Cohen and the weed company he was suing agree to dismiss filing

Sacha Baron Cohen

No settlement was announced, but actor and activist Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly will not move forward with his lawsuit against a cannabis dispensary that used an image and catchphrase of his Borat character in a billboard ad without permission.

According to The Associated Press, a document filed in Federal Court in Boston notes that both Baron Cohen, 50, and the Massachusetts cannabis company, Solar Therapeutics Inc., have agreed to dismiss the case.

WPRI reports that the suit was dismissed with prejudice.


Is Austria set to legalise cannabis use?

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A case in the Constitutional Court could bring changes to the ban of cannabis for personal use in the country. The Local spoke with Dr Helmut Graupner to understand more.

Austria has a very complex system when it comes to its drug laws and regulations, but in short: no, cannabis is not legal in the alpine country.

People are not allowed to consume, buy, sell, or grow the plant (growing it at home has some very strange specifications, such as it must never be allowed to bloom).

However, since 2016, a person caught with a small quantity of cannabis could face only small charges, similar to traffic violations.

Still, Austria won’t allow an adult to privately consume the product of the plant.


Bill to create marijuana market in Delaware falls short again in House


The regulatory piece of a two-pronged effort in Delaware to legalize and create a retail market for marijuana failed Thursday in the state House.

The bill needed a three-fifths majority, or 25 votes, in the 41-member House. The measure almost got there but Elsmere Democratic Rep. Larry Mitchell, a co-sponsor, was absent. That left the bill one vote short with 24.

So the chief sponsor, Democratic Rep. Ed Osienski of Newark, changed his vote to no, a procedural move that left the bill two votes short of passage. Now he can bring it up for a vote again before the General Assembly adjourns on June 30. Bills that fail by one vote cannot be brought up a second time.​


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