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Spain looks at legalising medicinal cannabis, and a billion-dollar industry to grow it


‚ÄėPatients should be in the hands of the state and the doctors, not the drug traffickers,‚Äô said Carola P√©rez, the president of the Spanish Observatory of Medicinal Cannabis

Spain is set to become the latest European country to decriminalise the use of cannabis for medicinal use, with some eyeing a route for Europe’s biggest illegal cannabis growing nation to become the hub of a legal industry.

As law enforcement gets to grip with ‚Äúhemp fever‚ÄĚ, with¬†legitimate farmers¬†falling foul of strict rules on which part of the plant can be sold, a parliamentary commission is to consider legalising the use of the drug to treat conditions like multiple sclerosis or epilepsy.


Heidi Klum pushing for cannabis legalization in Germany

Heidi Klum

Klum reportedly met with Burkhard Blienert, Germany’s federal commissioner on narcotic drugs, in a secret meeting.

Supermodel and businesswoman Heidi Klum reportedly met with a senior drug official in Germany recently to voice her support for cannabis legalization.

Per The Times, Klum met with Burkhard Blienert, federal commissioner for narcotic drugs, in a secret meeting.

According to local media reports, Blienert had been expecting to discuss drug abuse issues with the Project Runway star and was surprised to, instead, hear Klum’s pitch for legalization.

It was also reported that Finn Hänsel, 30, founder and CEO of the Berlin-based cannabis company, Sanity Group, attended the meeting.


Japan considers legalizing medical marijuana, criminalizing recreational use


Japan’s health ministry plans to revise current law in a way that would forbid certain substances of cannabis instead of parts of the plant, making it easier to allow certain medical marijuana products.

Could Japan be the next country in Asia to embrace medical marijuana? It’s looking that way. (Benzinga)

The country’s health ministry held a meeting Wednesday to negotiate the revision of the Cannabis Control Law from 1948. The ministry is considering legalizing cannabis for medical use and adding a provision to criminalize its consumption for recreational purposes, writes The Asahi Shimbun.


Argentina enters cannabis, hemp market in hope to recover economy

Argentina flag

Argentina is opening up to the medical cannabis market and hemp industry in a move to help recover a battered economy.

On May 5, the Argentine Congress passed a bill to establish a legal framework for the sale and export of medical cannabis and industrial hemp.

The move, backed by president Alberto Fern√°ndez, aims to ensure the safety, quality, control and traceability of the production chain as well as create new jobs, increase productivity and generate new exports for the South American country that is facing a deep economic crisis.

Fernández’s government says the industry could create up to 10,000 new jobs by 2025, boost the domestic market by $500 million and increase export revenues to over $50 million.


Bank supervisors urge Congress to pass SAFE Banking bill for cannabis businesses



The Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) is urging Congress to keep the Secure and Fair Enforcement (SAFE) Banking Act in the final version of the America COMPETES Act to provide legal marijuana businesses with access to financial services.

‚ÄúBy granting a safe harbor for financial institutions, Congress can bring regulatory clarity to the financial services industry, address public safety concerns, and ensure access to financial services for state-compliant marijuana and marijuana-related businesses,‚ÄĚ James Cooper, acting president and CEO of the CSBS, wrote to House and Senate leaders.


What’s up with cannabis legalization in Belgium?

Belgium flag

The country is slow to consider enacting any kind of cannabis reform, with a law on the books that is 101 years old this year to regulate the plant.

As Belgian cannabis advocates pointed out in spades this year on 4/20, the country is hopelessly behind the times when it comes to reform. This is true not only compared to other countries across Europe, but also to its neighbors who exist in a tripartite political and economic union and alliance with each other within the E.U. These are the so-called Benelux countries. This inter-regional coalition, created in 1944, consists of Holland, Luxembourg, and Belgium. The cooperation between the three countries is in many ways similar to the DACH alliance which unites Germany, Switzerland, and Austria.


Cannabis legalization on hold in Indiana, lawmakers want more research before taking action



Indiana lawmakers agreed that more research on the potential health benefits and decriminalization of THC products, including marijuana, Delta 8 and Delta 9, is needed before any legislative action is further taken, reported KPVI. 

The General Assembly’s Legislative Council overwhelmingly supported the idea to task the interim study committee on public health, behavioral health and human services with reviewing the issue further.  (Benzinga)


Rhode Island becomes 19th state to legalize cannabis


With the stroke of a pen, Rhode Island has joined its two neighboring states and 16 others in legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, becoming the 19th state in the country to end marijuana prohibition.

After months of negotiations between lawmakers, advocates, stakeholders and the governor’s office, and less than 24 hours after lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the legalization bill, Gov. Dan McKee signed the measure, which promises automatic expungement of past marijuana possession convictions and reserves a quarter of new retail store licenses for minority communities disproportionally hurt by the War on Drugs, reported the Providence Journal.


South Dakota pot legalization initiative qualifies for November ballot


South Dakota state officials announced on Wednesday that an initiative to legalize recreational cannabis has qualified for the ballot for the November general election.

The South Dakota Secretary of State announced on Wednesday that a ballot measure to legalize cannabis for adults has received enough verified signatures to qualify for the November election, giving the state’s voters another chance to legalize recreational pot at the ballot box. Secretary of State Steve Barnett also announced that the proposal sponsored by the group South Dakotans for Better Marijuana Laws (SDBML) will be titled Initiated Measure 27 for this year’s general election.


Rhode Island lawmakers approve weed legalization bill


The Rhode Island General Assembly passed legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis on Tuesday, making the state the 19th in the nation to end the prohibition of recreational pot.

The Rhode Island General Assembly approved legislation to legalize recreational pot on Tuesday, culminating years of work by lawmakers and activists to reform the state’s cannabis policy. Democratic Governor Dan McKee is expected to sign the legislation Wednesday afternoon, according to media reports, making Rhode Island the 19th state in the nation to legalize cannabis for use by adults.


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