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Task force sees bright future for ganja industry

The Cannabis Commercial and Medicinal Research Task Force (CCMRT) is hoping that the Government will move swiftly to make amendments to the ganja laws, as it launched the Ganja Future Growers and Producers Association at the Jamaica Conference Centre in downtown Kingston on the weekend.

Delano Seiveright, member of the CCMRT, explained to The Gleaner that the association aimed to represent the interests of various stakeholders and to lobby the Government for a properly regulated cannabis industry.

"We will be focused on the production process and the developments surrounding ganja. We are hopeful there will be changes in the law this year that will essentially allow persons to begin that process," he said.


The Wolves of Weed Street. Weed stock scams for dummies.

A sucker is born every minute and in the newly emerging and quasi-legal cannabis market I am pretty sure that number is much higher (pun intended). I just finished watching Martin Scorsese’s Wolf of Wall Street last night. Beyond the shock value of a lot of it was a sad and true story about the way “Wolfie” Jordan Belfort was able to fleece millions of dollars from hard working people by selling shitty pink sheet stocks that have little to no real company value behind them.


How to create your own cannabis social club and not die trying

Cannabis social clubs are associations that distribute and stock up on cannabis among their members, all of them of legal age. They function in the private sphere, thus reducing the risks associated with the black market and indiscriminate growing. These not-for-profit associations have arisen in countries where marijuana use has been decriminalized – as it is the case of Spain – to cover the needs of smokers who may have the right to consume, but not the right to grow or have restricted rights to do so. Find here below different requirements to start a cannabis club in Spain and succeed in the attempt:

1) Creation and registration



Vaporizers, e-cigs of the pot world, are booming

LOS ANGELES — Chris Folkerts started selling electronic cigarette-like devices from the trunk of his car two years ago. Now he and two partners own one of the biggest brands in the business, with products in 4,000 stores nationally, an art deco office on the city's fashionable Miracle Mile and an endorsement deal with rapper Snoop Dogg.

The rapid success of Grenco Science, the privately held company Folkerts founded, mirrors the fast growth of the business it is in — marketing devices that allow marijuana users to vaporize their psychoactive weed rather than smoke it.

"This is a big industry — it is the future,'' Folkerts, 31, says. "We're really on the cusp of exploding.''


Ganja can heal our nation - Wright-O'Connor, Seiveright believe Ja can reap rich rewards from legalising marijuana

 Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

Head of the Morris Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC), Hazel Wright-O'Connor, believes young persons can create business ventures using medical marijuana, provided the plant is legalised.

The MEC is an outreach unit of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU). The centre's primary focus is to provide business-development services for micro, small and medium-size enterprises.

Wright-O'Connor said students from the university's chemistry, biology and biochemistry departments were doing "wonderful things", including the creation of preservatives using gel, which eliminates the need for refrigeration.


Weeding out ganja myths

Ian Boyne

We are so intoxicated about the prospects of escaping our perennial poverty through the booming US$140-billion global ganja business that we couldn't care less about any scientific evidence which might exist about its potential harm. Ganja market and investment enthusiasts - not to mention Rastafarians like Michael Lorne - are so high over decriminalisation that they are impatient of discussion of any negative effect of ganja smoking.


Uruguay considers legalising marijuana as 'experiment', says President Jose Mujica

People wait outside the Parliament building while lawmakers pass the bill legalising marijuana, in Montevideo last week. The new bill aims to put the government in charge of the marijuana industry. Picture: AFP Source: AFP

URUGUAY wants to make a "contribution to humanity'' by legalising marijuana but will backtrack if the "experiment'' goes awry, President Jose Mujica has said.

Mr Mujica said he sees his country as a potential test case for an idea slowly gaining steam across Latin America - that the legalisation and regulation of some drugs could sap the cartel violence devastating much of the region.


Decriminalisation of ganja 'long overdue', says opposition

KINGSTON, Jamaica:

The Opposition Jamaica Labour Party, says the plan by the Jamaican Government to decriminalise marijuana by year end is long overdue.

Decriminalisation would result in the abolition of criminal penalties and would require appropriate amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives, Phillip Paulwell, yesterday confirmed that action would be taken this year in keeping with parliamentary approval.

Spokesperson on Justice, Alexander Williams, says the decision is a step in the right direction and the Opposition is looking forward to the parliamentary debate on the matter.

He says focus should now be placed on the full legalisation of marijuana for medical purposes.


Feds Move To Fix Pot Shops' Banking Problems

WASHINGTON -- The federal government issued guidelines on Friday that officials said were intended to increase the financial services available to marijuana businesses that are legal under state laws.

Guidelines announced by the Treasury Department and a memo from a top Justice Department official were intended to ease concerns that the federal government would target banks working with marijuana-related businesses that are legal and regulated on the state level. Expanded banking access will enable them to function like traditional businesses, and implementing a reporting structure will allow the federal government to take a close look at how they operate.


Ganja debate features on night one

When Mutabaruka took over MC duties from DJ Amber at Rebel Salute on Friday night, he was to change the tone of the event. It was time to see more of the veterans in the business of reggae.

Spouting his sharp humour, Muta chided freeloaders who called themselves 'press', and told the men to go buy refreshments for their women, before summoning the veteran Max Romeo, who belted out hits such as War Inna Babylon, Macabee Version, Three Blind Mice, Nobody's Child and Let The Power Fall On I.


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