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The Bureau: “Cannabis Needs to be More Like Fine Spirits”

According to Josh Gordon, CEO of The Bureau (formerly RODAWG), it’s about time that the cannabis industry becomes more like the fine spirits industry. As it currently stands, the market is growing, but Gordon thinks there’s still an unhealthy amount of ‘black market’ feeling hanging around.

But how do you eliminate something so ubiquitous? For Gordon and the team at The Bureau, it all boils down to branding.

Together with his team, Gordon has developed a strict plan that will help them fulfill this mission. He’s already actively engaged with investors, seeking to raise the next round of capital to continue doing custom packaging for dispensaries.


The boss of medical marijuana company Phytotech whose shares soared on debut has suddenly quit

The CEO of PhytoTech Medical, the first ASX listed medical marijuana company, has resigned.

Ross Smith’s departure comes less than two weeks since the company made its ASX debut, after which the share price soared.

However the share price has fallen back since. Phytotech shares were trading down 8.42% to $0.435 today.

His departure comes after a series of other company appointments, but also following some posts to his Facebook page.



Medical marijuana users will be among the earliest users of bitcoin, according to bitcoin entrepreneur Peter Klamka. Klamka’s Ann Arbor, Mich.-based company, Bitcoin Brands, has placed a bitcoin ATM machine at one medical marijuana dispensary and is in the process of placing another two in the Grand Rapids area.

Klamka’s bitcoin ATM machine, made by Portland, Ore.-based Skyhook, provides the customer a QR code which they get scanned at the checkout counter by a clerk using a bitcoin payment tablet.

“The (payment) technology is like a gift card,”


Jamaica’s Plan To Legalize Marijuana Could Open Doors for Black Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs hope to capitalize on multimillion-dollar green rush with plan for licensing authority

Business opportunities in the growing multimillion dollar cannabis industry could open up soon to entrepreneurs in Jamaica. The country has approved a bill that decriminalizes the possession of marijuana for the first time in 100 years and brings the promise of medicinal marijuana sales. Jamaica’s Cabinet has approved the bill, meaning the country’s Rastafarian and island citizens could have the legal right to smoke cannabis if it gets the Parliament’s approval later this week.


Medical Marijuana for Bipolar: The User's Dilemma

This is a follow-up to last week’s post on medical marijuana for bipolar. In the post, I noted that a case can be made for using the product in very small doses to relieve symptoms and maintain mental health, but with some very strong provisos.

In particular, I noted: 

All medications, including psychiatric meds, carry substantial risks that must be weighed against potential benefits. Marijuana is no exception.

I also pointed out:


Taking on the Challenge of Investing in Cannabis

Investor Insight: Fred Gross, New York, NY

Everyone faces challenges, but it’s how you face those challenges that makes the difference between you persevering and becoming successful or failing and buckling under the pressure. Fred Gross, founder of ManhattanCanna LLC, is one of those who made the right move, had the right perspective, and used positivity and the power of flexibility to power through and become the successful investor he is today! You learn something from every investor we highlight and we ensure that this peer into how Fred thinks, will open your mind that much more.

How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?


Costs adding up for medical marijuana entrepreneurs

In the world of medical marijuana entrepreneurs in Illinois, there’s plenty of green behind the grass.

Hundreds of would-be medical marijuana growers and sellers have put millions of dollars on the line hoping for coveted state permits that were supposed to issued by former Gov. Pat Quinn by the end of last year.

To snag those valuable permits, the entrepreneurs hired consultants, lawyers and lobbyists.

They’re already paying rent, in some cases, or have money tied up in options to buy property.

And now, they wait. And with millions of dollars on the line, waiting can get expensive.


Outsourced CFO Raising Capital for Cannabis Companies

Investor Insight: David Friedman, Chicago, IL

The cannabis industry is growing, gaining momentum, and expanding by the second and we, at Cashinbis, are committed to presenting you with untapped insight from the people who are putting this industry on the map. We are committed to showing you Who’s Who and we are committed to telling you the ‘whole’ story. On one side of that story are the entrepreneurs with their incredible innovations and passion to change the industry and on the other side, we have the the group of intellects that are taking those innovations to the top: The Investors.

Intervene on behalf of Adam Koessler, arrested on 2nd January 2015

Adam Koessler is a loving father who was arrested on 2nd January 2015 for allegedly administering medicinal cannabis oil to his 2 year old daughter, after she was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma.  
Adams bails conditions were amended in the Brisbane Magistrates court on 16th January, to allow him to see his daughter, who is receiving treatment in the Lady Cilento Children's hospital - South Brisbane. 
His visitation with his child has been restricted by the hospital who have defaulted to existing court orders, issued by the family court in 2013. 
He is not kept informed of her treatment, her progress and not informed when she is having surgery or of significant information relating to her care and treatment.


Solanbridge Group Announces Meetings in Sri Lanka

Hickey to Discuss Medical Marijuana Industry with Sri Lankan Officials

HOUSTON, TX / ACCESSWIRE / January 12, 2015 / Solanbridge Group Inc (SLNX) is pleased to announce that Earle G. Hickey, President of Solanbridge Group NS, Inc., will be in Sri Lanka this week and plans to meet with the newly elected Executive President of Sri Lanka His Excellency Maithripala Sirisena, concerning the benefits of medical marijuana. This will be Mr. Hickey's fourth trip to Sri Lanka.


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