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Why The High Supply? - The High Community (THC)

Created on the back of activism and entertainment website The High Community, The High Supply is a UK cannabis start-up.

We aim to cut out big business by offering an extremely good value product for stoners every month for just £4.20. Proceeds reinvested in our main organisation The High Community, which promotes cannabis activist events, funds pressure groups such as Norml UK and creates awareness campaigns for drug reform.

Just read our frequently asked questions to find out what we’re doing to create change in the UK.


12% of SA’s Tech Industry Smokes Weed – Study

A high priority at the FBI is the current mass employment of 2000 new technical recruits, many of which will be assigned to tackle cyber crimes for the agency, forcing the FBI to take a hard look at its no-tolerance policy for marijuana use. With white collar crime having grown 65% in the last in the last five years, there are now 1300 agents assigned to reign in on the increasing number of corporate fraud cases.


SEC Tries Figuring Out the ‘Dot-Bong Era,’ Irks the Wolf of Weed Street

The recreational and medical cannabis industry is booming, and start-ups are sprouting like grass. With the legal pot market expected to grow from $2.3 billion this year to $10.2 billion by 2018, according to a study by ArcView Market Research, there’s no shortage of investors willing to gamble their capital on the chance of mountain-high marijuana returns.


Outrage as drug dealing app hits No.1 spot on iTunes

Weed Firm app, Apple, App Store, iPhone, iPad, itunesOUTRAGE: A new app called Weed Firm allows users to deal cannabis [WEED FIRM]

A controversial app that teaches gamers the skills of drug dealing has landed at the top of the iTunes store.

Weed Firm puts you in charge of growing and selling cannabis with the aim of making as much money as possible.

Along the way you’ll have to bribe the odd police officer and take on gangsters to keep your business flourishing.


Coffee Shops in Barcelona: How to Get Membership

Barcelona coffee shops are private by law; they are quite different from Amsterdam’s coffee shops or Denver’s dispensaries. I get several hundred emails each month from people asking questions about the coffee shops in Barcelona, and it’s obvious that there is a lot of misinformation out there.


Uruguay Eyes Canadian Marijuana

On April 1, Uruguay's legalisation of marijuana, the very first among the world, takes effect. To prepare for the influx of demand, the small South American nation has taken its sights on Canada to fill in the gaps.

Ratified in December 2013, Uruguay legalised the growing and selling of marijuana as a source of revenue. Uruguay residents may grow six marijuana plants in their homes per year, or as much as 480 grams (about 17 ounces). Smoking clubs with 15 to 45 members can grow up to 99 plants per year.

However, cultivation processes and operations take time way beyond the four months since the bill was thumbed up by the Uruguay Senate.


6 Branding Lessons from the Pioneers of Weed Design

The marijuana industry never had room for professional design while stuck in the criminal sector. For decades, goofy stoner iconography, such as pot-leaf decals and so much tie-dye, were the de facto brand of marijuana in the popular imagination. Product packaging was limited to cellophane baggies and the tools of commerce (head shops, guys on bicycles) operating discreetly.




Swazi gold keeps a kingdom alive

FOR many Swazis, the dagga trade can mean the difference between life and death.

Poverty reaches new lows in the tiny landlocked country. The average Swazi will live to only 48 and 29% of children under five are stunted. According to US think-tank Freedom House, 66% of Swazis are unable to meet their basic food needs.

Dagga makes a difference. The powerful local variant of the drug is legendary among users in Europe and the US, to where it has been smuggled for decades. I n the past few years, insiders say, growing, harvesting and selling of the plant have become more organised and farmers have consolidated to set up semiformal operations.


UPDATED | Get Ready For May Celebrations Across The Country: - The High Community (THC)

This year’s 420 celebrations were nothing short of spectacular! Voices and press from other events suggests it was a nationwide success. Stoner’s from all around relented through the stark clouds and heavy rain to demonstrate a powerful statement, we want cannabis reform.

But now the clouds have cleared and the fun is over, where are the next 420 styled events?

Luckily for you we have an incredibly pro-active and thriving cannabis community hosting a spectrum exciting events all across the country this bank holiday weekend and beyond.

Also if anyone has a calculator, an abacus or a spare pair of eyeballs, could you please lend it to the Daily Mail team as they are really struggling to count recently. Many thanks.


Uruguay leader calls Colorado pot law 'a fiction'

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (AP) — President Jose Mujica says Uruguay's legal marijuana market will be much better than the system in Colorado, which doesn't track the drug after sale. And he says the medical marijuana laws many U.S. states have adopted are based on "hypocrisy" because they enable people to fake illnesses to get prescription weed.

Mujica also predicted Friday that Uruguay's system will be much tougher on drug users, and more effective in combatting illegal drug trafficking.

Mujica, who will visit President Barack Obama in the White House on May 12, says his government will license and regulate the entire marijuana business, enforcing pot possession rules as well as limits on production and sales so that violators get punished and addicts get help.


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