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Friday Funny: Alaska Legalization

Yes, we know Alaskans don't really live in igloos. Our news publication is based out of Canada, so we suffer from the same stereotype! Thanks for the fan who sent this over. Keep them coming! Post a link to your favorite cartoon in the comment section below!


‘Game of Thrones’-themed ganja: Three Khaleesi-approved pot strains

If you’ve visited a dispensary, odds are you’ve seen a sci-fi strain or two. From Death Star to Romulan, there’s no dearth of Darth Vader- or Captain Kirk-adjacent flowers.

Enter “Game of Thrones,” the biggest name in fantasy to hit dispensary shelves as the show approaches the end of its fifth season later this month. Whether you’re looking for something that has you as sharp-witted as Tyrion Lannister or just mumbling “Hodor,” these three “GoT”-themed strains are perfect for any fan of the show.

Whitewalker OG

Breeder: Gold Coast Connection


Friday Funny: NASA Has Discovered A New Planet Covered With Marijuana

NASA has announced this morning that they have discovered a planet completely covered with marijuana, a discovery that has completely taken scientists by surprise. Planet X637Z-43, discovered using NASA’s Kepler satellite, would also allegedly be one of the very few planets potentially habitable according to NASA experts, who have detected sufficient levels of oxygen and nitrogen to support human life. The presence of marijuana on other planets could strongly encourage future generations to take interest in space exploration, some experts believe. Scoop has more:


If weed dispensaries used the Netflix business model

Weed-on-demand: Things are always great on demand. Humans have an insatiable appetite for efficiency. They want things, and they want them now. It's the reason Netflix has done so well. You want to watch a movie, great. In fact you can watch as many as you like - or as many as the ones we have on offer, for a reasonable monthly subscription fee. Ideal. 

In 2005 the music industry was busy talking about the idea of consuming media like water. Or to put it simply, paying for music like you would pay your gas or electricity bills. As if music or media was a household utility.


DARE Falls Victim To Their Aggressiveness By Publishing An Anti-Marijuana Article That Is Clearly ...

Thanks to the internet, accessibility to breaking news stories – either they be important world events or the latest celebrity happenings – has become easy. Along with the legit news however, there are satire articles, news pieces written to come off as legit news until readers truly realize how ridiculous the piece really is. The Inquisitr is known for debunking satire pieces that usually sweep social media, such as one that claimed Starbucks uses a “special ingredient” to flavor their drinks.


Mock Ad For New DEA Chief Shows What It Takes To Be A 'Real' Drug Warrior

A leading drug policy reform group has created a satirical ad seeking a new Drug Enforcement Administration chief that skewers the DEA in the wake of scandals and the announcement that its current administrator plans to resign.

The ad, which was produced by Drug Policy Alliance and is slated to appear in Wednesday's edition of congressional newspaper Roll Call, lists the new DEA chief's primary responsibilities -- including mass incarceration, police state tactics, obstruction of science, subverting democracy and undermining human rights.


Chickens getting high? Natural grocer, 420-friendly sandwich shop do battle

A friend of mine said “only big cities have billboard fights.”

Denver, welcome to the big time.

Cheba Hut (which opened just a few weeks ago at Colfax and Washington) wasted no time staking out its territory by poking fun at neighbor Natural Grocers’ anti-GMO billboard.

The Fort Collins-based sandwich chain is no stranger to drug references (see its name, marketing materials, employee T-shirts and menu for more examples), or using their marquee as a platform for humor.

During the renovation of the new location (formerly a bodega, which according to former Cap Hill resident Dan Schneider was an Everyday for years), the sign read “THIS S**T IS TAKING FOREVER” for about 12 hours before being replaced with the more family-friendly “SO CLOSE YOU CAN SMELL IT.”


And then the freshman senator from Colorado made a pot joke

Just a little bipartisan repartee on Capitol Hill.

During a Senate Commerce subcommittee hearing on “telehealth” advancements Tuesday, the panel’s chairman Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) wondered aloud where he could go see cherry blossoms since he missed peak bloom here in Washington.

Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.) perked up, thanking Wicker for the opportunity to boast about Newark’s cherry blossom collection — the country’s largest. Booker was so elated — “sir, you have just earned so much love from me” — he suggested he now had a “bromance” with Wicker. (Rand Paul will be so sad.)


“WeedWatch” Parody of Apple Watch Advocates “Time for A Change”

Seattle, WA – Coinciding with the release of the Apple Watch on April 20th, a Seattle-based multi-media company, Higher Ground, has created a parody ad to bring attention to marijuana legalization. The ad (“WeedWatch”) features a photo of the iWatch with the simple text, “Time for a Change: Legalize It.” A variety of marijuana-related icons and apps are featured on the device’s face.


America's long journey toward legal marijuana

Bruce Barcott became an expert on the cannabis industry while researching and writing “Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America” (Time Books, available Tuesday) — a book that reflects the ways in which many Americans' outlook on the drug has changed in recent years.

Barcott recounts his own marijuana experiences. They didn't go beyond the sort of youthful experimentation that Americans typically leave behind with the rest of campus life when they move on from college and take on real-world adult responsibilities — until Washington state asked voters about legalizing, regulating and taxing recreational marijuana.


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