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UK: Cricket Pitch Gets High Bounce Thanks to Cannabis Grow Lights

Edgbaston ground staff using cannabis plant lamps

The sun has not always shone at Edgbaston in recent days so the groundsman has sought some extra help

Such is the pressure on groundsmen in an Investec Ashes series in which pitches have dominated the agenda, Warwickshire have turned to an unlikely source of inspiration ahead of the third Test at Edgbaston. Head groundsman Gary Barwell, who is preparing his first Ashes surface, is using lights normally used for the cultivation of cannabis in the hope of preparing the perfect pitch.


BuzzFeed Makes Cannabis Users Look Stupid And We’re Tired Of It

BuzzFeed is no stranger to criticism, and a lot of people steer clear of their content altogether. But that doesn’t change the fact that this is one of the most popular media sites in the world.


Friday Funny: Study Confirms Everyone Knows You're High & You'll Never Stop Feeling Like This

Friday Funny: Marijuana Parody from 420 Intel on Vimeo.

You got to high and everyone thinks you're acting weird..

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Ex-cop is caught in cannabis factory raid after crooks get angry over

AN ex-police officer who dished out advice on stocks and shares was ordered to look after a large cannabis factory when his tips went wrong.

Waquas Manzur, 42, told customers how to invest their cash from behind the counter of his dad’s grocer’s shop.

But when stocks fell and they lost money, he was ordered to stump up £3500.

Manzur – who was cleared of alleged bribing offences in 2007 – agreed to watch cannabis plants as a way of repaying the lost funds. He was in a flat during a police raid that uncovered 107 plants.

At Glasgow Sheriff Court, Manzur, from Pollokshields, pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of cannabis. Police were called to a flat in Langside when residents smelled the drug in a close area.


Friday Funny: Marijuana in Oregon

Some more old-fashioned nicknames for marijuana that you probably don't want to hear your parent saying:

Devil's Lettuce
Wacky Tabacky
Mary Jane
Sticky Icky

Post any other old names for pot that you make you cringe in the comments below!



Humor: Jimmy Fallon on Pros & Cons of Marijuana Camp

Jimmy weighs the good and bad of Denver resort CannaCamp: A Bud+Breakfast™ Mountain Retreat. From the CannaCamp website:

CannaCamp is a 170-acre slice of heaven. We encourage you to enjoy first-hand
the awe-inspiring vistas, relaxation, and unpretentious hospitality of our secluded mountain resort. Our property offers guests an unprecedented opportunity to experience the outdoors and cannabis in a safe, comfortable, and social environment.

CannaCamp is more than a place, it is a feeling that you won’t soon forget,
and a rare experience you can’t afford to miss.


Friday Funny: Laughter is the Best Medicine

Yet another therapeutic benefit of medicinal marijuana! Thanks to the reader who sent this in, and keep them coming! If you see a funny video, comic, or article, send it our way and we may feature it on the next Friday Funny! Have a great weekend everyone.


Friday Funny: Dealer not guilty because marijuana wilted

A drug dealer whose marijuana seedlings were found to be wilted can’t be convicted of trafficking.

This is according to Italy’s Court of Cassation, which recently upheld the appeal by a man who was convicted by first and second grade courts for the offence of growing, trafficking and possession of illicit drugs. The high court judges, however, pointed out that the bad vegetative state of the four plants found on the accused’s balcony meant that the police could not verify “the effective offensiveness of the actual alleged cultivation.”

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Denver’s new pot radio station blazes a trail, but will it run into legal issues?

Weed culture moved from the air to the airwaves in Colorado last week.

The first thing you notice after entering the Denver studios of “Smokin 94.1″ — Colorado’s first FM radio station devoted to marijuana enthusiasts, which debuted last week — is the lack of smell.

A giant bong and pot-themed posters decorate the offices, the music is in line with the brand (Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”), but the air is clean.

“It’s a non-smoking building,” said owner Marc Paskin, who doubles as DJ “Gary Ganja” during afternoon drive time. He’s additionally “O.G. Kush,” the announcer of the pot radio “4:20 News,” repeated at 5:20 p.m. “because our listeners can’t remember.”


Indiana Marijuana Church Releases Its Own Ten Commandments; 'The New Deity Dozen'

Grower Steve Jenkins checks out his marijuana plants at the Botanacare marijuana store ahead of their grand opening on New Year's day in Northglenn, Colorado December 31, 2013. The world's first state-licensed marijuana retailers, catering to Colorado's newly legal recreational market for pot, are stocking their shelves ahead of their January 1, 2014, grand opening that supporters and detractors alike see as a turning point in America's drug culture.

Indiana's First Church of Cannabis, a religious organization pushing the boundaries of recreational marijuana use in the state that recently received tax-exempt status has released its own version of the Ten Commandments named "The New Deity Dozen."


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