Did Shakespeare Smoke Cannabis?

Shakespeare graffiti

The greatest playwright of all time may have been high when he wrote his most famous works. According to a study conducted in 2001, researchers detected traces of cannabis in pipes belonging to William Shakespeare[i].

Such a discovery doesn’t automatically prove that the Famous Bard smoked weed, but it does suggest that he had access to cannabis.

Cannabis References In Shakespeare

The study authors say they decided to analyse Shakespeare’s pipe residues after becoming intrigued by some of his writings. Sonnet 76, for instance, talks of “invention in a noted weed”, which may refer to the use of cannabis to enhance creativity.


Seth Rogen is coming to TechCrunch Disrupt to talk about weed business

TechCrunch is thrilled to announce Seth Rogen is coming to TechCrunch Disrupt this September. The movie-star-turned-pot-businessman is speaking on his latest venture: Houseplant, his privately funded entrée into the cannabis business.

Houseplant made a big splash when it launched in 2021, and it continues to get a lot of attention in the noisy world of cannabis. But, of course, having Seth Rogen involved helps keep the company relevant.


Report: ‘South Park’ creators snag huge new deal with ViacomCBS, plan to use some money to create a cannabis label

The creators of South Park have signed a new deal with ViacomCBS bosses, worth almost US$1 billion, to expand their cartoon world.

One of the most lucrative in television history, the new US$900 million ($1.1 billion) deal will last over six years and include the series and a second South Park movie, according to Bloomberg.

There are also tie-ins to ViacomCBS’ new streaming service, Paramount+.

Insiders claim creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have been working on a South Park film for some time, and it is expected to be released on the streaming platform before the end of the year.

It will serve as the follow-up to the pair’s 1999 movie, South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.


Jake Johnson on Acting, Cannabis and Their Intersection

Jake Johnson missed acting. During the pandemic, the actor wasn’t sure if he’d work again. Instead of waiting, Johnson co-wrote a script with a collaborator from New Girl, director Trent O’Donnell, and went out into the wilderness to shoot a movie about a mother and a son. The end result is Ride the Eagle, which is an authentic, feel-good movie with plenty of cannabis. 


Study Finds Cannabis Use Not Related to Loss of Motivation

female smiling, working on a laptop

Study shows cannabis doesn’t make you unmotivated—at least not cannabis alone!

(image source: Shutterstock)


The Fascinating Role Marijuana Plays In Sex

couple kissing

Cannabis can help both men and women in all sexual phases by opening the mind to deeper intimacy and promoting mindfulness.

Experts have some fascinating news about weed and our sex drives, and it’s not quite what we all expected.

It’s all in a study titled “Masturbation to Orgasm Stimulates the Release of the Endocannabinoid 2-Arachidonoylglycerol in Humans,” published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. The paper expresses a link between the orgasm state and the release of an endocannabinoid — chemicals produced by the human body — that looks and acts just like ones found in the marijuana plant.


Who tossed a fridge full of weed onto a Texas highway right in front of a cop?

fridge full of weed on the side of the highway

An officer with the Ferris Police Department in Texas was speaking to a driver he had pulled over on Interstate-45 when he heard a big bang courtesy of a chiller chock full of cannabis being dumped on the other side of the highway.

The sound of the fridge hitting the side of the interstate in southern Dallas County was enough to finish up with his traffic stop and then check out the discarded appliance, according to NBC DFW.

Badly damaged, the battered fridge offered up a whole lot of green. Inside, he found boxes containing an estimated 15 pounds (6.8 kilograms) of marijuana.

In an ever-so-neighbourly way, the Ferris police offered up some photographic evidence of the strange and noisy find, and extended a friendly invitation to the owners.


Man claims more than a kilogram of cannabis was meant for a (very big) batch of homemade soup

50-year-old Irish resident caught with €20k worth of weed.

An Irish resident is definitely in the soup after claiming that the €20,000 ($31,000) worth of weed he had in his vehicle was merely meant as an ingredient for the soup he planned to make.


In fact, after being caught with the substantial stash, Eddy Osagie, 50, initially claimed the weed wasn’t really weed at all, according to EchoLive. Osagie said the paste-like substance found inside a couple of cereal boxes was a completely different material than cannabis.

The explanation failed to convince Irish gardai, who had stopped the man and grew suspicious when they noticed a marijuana smell emanating from his car.


Cannabis slang: why is marijuana called “pot”?

marijuana bud



There are more than 1,200 nicknames for cannabis, some more familiar than others. Ganga, weed, reefer and bud are some of the most-used and familiar, while alfalfa, Green Goddess and muggle —a 1920's term for a pot smoker and not a non-magical person — are less well-known. 

According to slang scholar Jonathon Green, drugs like cannabis are slang's “best sellers” because slang consists of words and phrases, think codewords or inside jokes, intended to stand in for an actual thing or topic considered too taboo for conversations in polite society. 


Trump Tuesday: Donald Trump hates Christmas parties

On Monday and Wednesday this week, Donald Trump will leave the Oval Office in the West Wing in the late afternoon and walk eastward to the White House residence, where he will meet Melania Trump. Together, they will head downstairs at 5:15 to the Grand Foyer, a gilded hall directly past the main entrance, where they will be greeted by 600 people. Melania at his side, he will wave and smile at his guests, shake their hands, pose for photos, and engage in small talk. She will say “Merry Christmas” and he will deliver unscripted remarks. He will wave and smile and shake hands and pose and engage in small talk some more. After about two-and-a-half hours, they will ascend the stairs and return to the residence. Just before 8:30, the whole ordeal will start again.


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