Ohio medical cannabis dispensaries sell $75,000 of product on first day

Ohio’s medical marijuana program are finally up and running after a long waiting period. The first four medical cannabis dispensaries that opened on Wednesday sold through $75,000 of dried cannabis product on the first day.

That number accounts for nearly 8.7 pounds and works out to being approximately $538 per ounce. The Shops did not sell out on the first day.

The four dispensaries that opened Wednesday are:

  • CY+ Dispensary, 180 Main St. in Wintersville
  • The Forest Sandusky, 1671 Tiffin Ave. in Sandusky
  • Ohio Valley Natural Relief, 840 Canton Rd. in Wintersville
  • The Botanist, 3840 Greentree Ave.. SW in Canton

Ohio plans to eventually have close to 60 medical marijuana shops with seven in Greater Cincinnati.


More cities opt out of cannabis retail sales in Ontario

Oakville and Brantford have added themselves to the list of Ontario municipalities to opt out of hosting cannabis stores which is likely to add to the difficulty in rolling out a successful recreational market in the province.

Ontario reportedly has had 52 municipalities aside from Oakville and Brantford who have informed the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario as of Wednesday of this week that they will not be allowing retail pot shops in their city for at least the time being.

Many of the municipalities have held town hall meeting where residents can voice their opinion and in many cases, they just don’t feel they’re ready and aren’t confident in the proposed system.


Rhode Island governor to include recreational marijuana in budget proposal

Rhode Island may be the next state in New England to make recreational marijuana a reality following Governor Gina Raimondo’s announcement that she will call for legalization in her budget proposal for 2019.

Raimondo spoke with sources earlier in the week and said that her decision to include provisions for legalization is met with reluctance but that it’s the most realistic way forward as more states choose to legalize.

“I have resisted this for the four years I’ve been governor,” Raimondo told the Providence Journal. “Now, however, things have changed, mainly because all of our neighbors are moving forward [with marijuana legalization].”


Donation money from Calgary Cannabis Club refused by cancer foundation

Cannabis may be legal in Canada but its stigma has not been eliminated entirely. This seems to be especially true when an organization in Alberta recently turned down a donation from another.

Members of the Calgary Cannabis Club raised $6,000 in honor of a former member Rick Beaver who passed away in November following a long battle with cancer. Beaver used cannabis to ease some of the symptoms associated with the bladder and esophageal cancer he experienced later in life.


Canadian legal cannabis prices nearly 50 percent higher than black market prices

Marijuana became legal across Canada in October, but that hasn’t stopped the black market from thriving. Product shortages across the country have made it nearly impossible for some to purchase cannabis legally and have cause length wait times for those who have purchased cannabis online. Add to this the high cost of buying cannabis legally and it’s no wonder that people are continuing to purchase cannabis from the illicit market.

Numbers released earlier this week by government agency Statistics Canada found that the average price for a gram of legal recreational cannabis was $9.70 whereas a gram could be purchased from the illicit market for $6.51, a near 50 percent difference.


Canada: Illegal Vancouver cannabis dispensary operators risk jail time if they don't shut down

Illegal cannabis dispensaries in Vancouver have been warned once more to shut down or risk some hefty fines and possibly even jail time.

The warning follows last month’s order from the Province of British Columbia for the dozens of illegal shops in Vancouver to cease operations. The City had previously filed 53 injunction applications against the illicit shops.

When the order was given in December, there was no timeline given for when shops had to be closed and owners were unsure of how the province would be enforcing the order, but the City’s warning on Monday suggested that time is running out for those who have yet to shut down.


Ontario cannabis retail hopefuls can enter lottery next week

Those interested in opening a cannabis retail store in Ontario will have the chance to enter a lottery early next week to receive one of the first 25 retail licenses for the province.

When the Progressive Conservative (PC) government took leadership of the province in October, they decided to switch the Liberal’s plan of having only government-run retail locations to having privately owned shops as well. As such, no stores were opened for legalization in October so for now, the only way to purchase legal cannabis in Ontario is online through the provincially-run Ontario Cannabis Store.


Ohio medical marijuana program to roll out this month

Ohio residents waiting for medical cannabis have had to witness one of the slowest program rollouts that any state has ever seen. However, Chris Lindsey, senior legislative counsel for the Marijuana Policy Project told sources earlier this week that patients will be able to get legal cannabis within the next few days.

“This will benefit patients because there will finally be licensed facilities patients can visit to get medical cannabis that has been tested and meets state standards,” said Lindsey. “Patients shouldn’t have to wonder if they are following the law or getting a safe product. Retail access finally offers that clarity.”


What 2018 brought us in the world of weed

The New Year is officially upon us and looking back at 2018, it’s no wonder that it’s being referred to as the year of marijuana. Canada officially legalized marijuana for recreational adult-use and more countries seem to be inching closer toward doing the same. There were numerous medical breakthroughs now that more research is being allowed on the benefits of cannabis and it seems that 2018 really set the stage for what’s to come in the world of weed. Here’s a look at some of the top events that happened in cannabis in 2018:


Mayor of New York backs marijuana legalization

The mayor of New York has officially voiced his support for legalizing marijuana last week following New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s plans to legalize cannabis across the state.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said that if the state of New York legalizes cannabis that past low-level marijuana convictions should be expunged and that sales from marijuana should be “closed to corporate interests”. He said that the market should be open to New Yorkers, especially Hispanic and African-American residents who have for too long been unfairly targeted for marijuana use.

“Legalization, done the right way, will marry opportunity with justice,” said de Blasio.


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