Alberta cannabis shortages force a halt on retail licenses

The Alberta Gaming Liquor and Cannabis said that it is temporarily suspending accepting any new applications and will not issue new retail licenses until shortage problems are dealt with. The organization said it has only received 20 percent of the product it expected to receive from producers.

“Since Oct. 17, 2018, cannabis supply levels have remained a concern for licence applicants, retailers and consumers alike,” AGLC president Alain Maisonneuve said in a news release. “This has been the case in Alberta and across Canada.”

“While some licensed producers have fulfilled their commitments, not all have,” said Maisonneuve. “We continue to work with them to fill stock. Unfortunately, regardless of our efforts, we are seeing the supply of most products run out.”


Mexico moves closer to legalizing cannabis

The party of the president-elect of Mexico submitted legislation earlier this week that would legalize the possession, growth, use and sale of cannabis.

If the legislation passes, it would be a major change to the laws currently in place in Mexico. Senator Olga Sánchez Cordero has been chosen to be the interior secretary by president-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and said that prohibition has only contributed to poverty and violence within Mexico.

“Today, the nation has taken the decision to change,” she told Senators. “We don’t want more deaths. It will be a major contribution to bringing peace to our beloved country.”


Off to MjBizCon next week? Rethink your out of office auto-reply

There are so many new cannabis tradeshows around the world and meetings with investors to be had that travelling in the cannabis industry is no surprise.

You have your plane ticket and you’re ready to go. The only thing left to do is set your out-of-office auto-reply so clients know you’re away.


4 key differences between a commercial cannabis greenhouse and an ornamental greenhouse

When the legal industry began to emerge, indoor cannabis grow facilities were considered ideal for optimal growing because of the ability to control the environment entirely.

However, the industry is seeing a steady decline in cannabis prices so it’s becoming increasingly expensive to operate an indoor grow facility. As such, more and more growers are turning to greenhouse structures for their cannabis grow operation. Greenhouses were initially seen to pose a number of challenges for cannabis growers, but as marijuana greenhouse design and technology has advanced, growers are quickly learning that they can get a lot more bang for their buck by growing cannabis in a greenhouse instead of in a warehouse.


What does Sessions’ resignation mean for the cannabis industry?

Cannabis industry professionals and advocates alike are rejoicing following yesterday’s announcement that Jeff Sessions officially resigned as attorney general as requested by President Trump.

Sessions was one of the biggest opponents to the legal cannabis industry. Early in 2018, he moved to rescind the Obama-era policy that allowed each state to create and make decisions on their own about cannabis without the federal government interfering or enforcing federal law. The move sent stock prices plunging almost immediately after California fully legalized on January first.


Midterm Elections: Big win for cannabis in Michigan, but how did the other states perform?

After a very exciting midterm election, it looks like a few more states will have legal cannabis.

Here’s a look at five states that had cannabis reform on their ballots and how those proposals fared with voters.


Michigan voters said ‘Yes’ to Proposal 1, making the state the first in the Midwest to legalize recreational cannabis cultivation and use for those 21 years of age and older.

Though the win wasn’t called early on Wednesday, Healthy and Productive Michigan, an opposing group conceded saying “the level of responsibility… now rests on the shoulders of those who have voted yes.”

The support for the proposal was overwhelming with many people interested in the new measure for its economic benefits.


Canada: Half of Cannabis NB’s shops didn’t open their doors Monday

As retailers across Canada are plagued with cannabis shortages, the province of New Brunswick has not been immune. Cannabis NB did not open half of their retail stores on Monday because of supply issues.

Cannabis NB is the sole retailer of legal marijuana in the province and of their 20 available location, 10 were unable to open on Monday due to a stock shortage over the weekend before Monday and Tuesday’s deliveries.

“[This weekend] we only had to close the one store for a few hours, and another store for a day,” said Marie-Andrée Bolduc, a spokesperson for Cannabis NB in an email to Global News.


A look at the ballot initiatives of four states poised to legalize cannabis

With the midterm elections taking place tomorrow, it’s likely that some more states will be joining those who have legalized cannabis.

Currently there are nine states who have legalized recreational cannabis with 29 having legalized medical cannabis in some form. The plant is still illegal at the federal level but the most recent poll taken by Gallup Polling shows overall support of cannabis in the US to be at 66 percent.

“Clearly the national momentum is on our side and we see that in the national polls, but national polls don’t dictate state-level results,” said Matthew Schweich, deputy-director of the pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project.

“We still have a fight on our hands in every single state where we’re trying to legalize.”


Alberta dispensaries losing out on green thanks to cannabis shortages

A cannabis shortage has led to a rocky start for Alberta dispensaries that are having to close their doors while they wait to restock.

Alternative Greens, a dispensary in north Edmonton told The Star that they’ve had to close twice since legalization simply because they do not have enough product and cannot get their orders in soon enough.

“If the door’s closed, we’re losing money, especially is people are showing up, try the door and it’s locked,” Roseanne Dampier, Manager of Alternative Greens, told The Star. She said if demand stays consistent with the way it is now, they will likely have to close the store again soon. “If we place an order today, we might maybe see it next week,” Dampier said.


Singapore government may test for cannabis use upon entry into country

Canadians travelling to Singapore are being warned that they may be subject to a drug test before entering the country.

Travel Canada announced Wednesday that custom officers can request a drug test when you arrive in Singapore, which could result in arrest even if the drug was consumed before travelling to the country. 

“Custom officers can request a drug test at the point of entry to #Singapore,” Travel Canada tweeted. “If you test positive for drugs, you can be arrested and prosecuted, even if the drugs were consumed prior to your arrival in the country.”


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