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Lowcountry hemp farmers use new technology to break stigma around hemp

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When you think of hemp, you might think of a cannabis variation like CBD or THC, but leaders of a new facility in Orangeburg County hope to change that.

Leaders with BrightMa Farms say they’re doing it by using technology. It's an effort to reveal the benefits of hemp that many people may not know of.

Before hemp farming was legal in South Carolina in 2018, it was made out to be dangerous plant and an outdated farming practice.

But it’s a farmer from Johns Island who's taking a different approach while bringing minority communities to the forefront of the industry.

Harold Singletary comes from a family of hemp farmers.

‚ÄúI'm a fourth-generation descendant of BrightMa, who was enslaved on a plantation,‚ÄĚ Singletary said.


PJET partners with PURA to build student housing from hemp disrupting $600 billion lumber market


¬†Priority Aviation, Inc. (OTC Pink: PJET) (‚ÄúPJET‚ÄĚ) today announced the company has partnered with Puration, Inc. (OTC Pink: PURA) to build student housing from hemp.

PJET is a technology company focused on student life.  The company’s core technology is its soon to be launched Student Housing By Owner (SHBO) APP designed to connect communities local to college campuses with students through an APP similar to Airbnb and VRBO but specific to the college community.  PJET plans to evolve the relationship with the students into a lifelong relationship that extends beyond graduation providing a more socially conscious Amazon alternative.


Acreage sells cannabis facility in Oregon, makes changes to dispensaries, here are the details


Acreage Holdings, Inc. has completed the sale of its cultivation and processing facility in Medford, Oregon, and in conjunction with the sale, closed its dispensary in Powell, Oregon. Total consideration for the sale of the Medford cultivation and processing facility was $2 million, including $0.75 million paid to Acreage in February 2021, $0.5 million due August 1, 2022, and the remaining balance of $0.75 million due May 1, 2023. Additionally, the company has completed the consolidation and conversion of its dispensary in Brewer, Maine to adult use. (Benzinga)


Grows Space New England presents its take on the Massachusetts cannabis market at the Cannabis Capital Conference


Robert Wolf, Managing Executive at Grow Space New England was a guest speaker at Benzinga’s Cannabis Capital Conference (CCC). (Benzinga)

Grow Space New England operates as a gateway to cannabis cultivation in Massachusetts. The company finds legally compliant sites, gets the necessary construction permits, then constructs greenhouse and outdoor grow facilities that are leased to licensed cultivators. 


Article by Jad Malaeb


Rare cannabis research operation planned in Brunswick


Florida-based Maridose LLC has set up shop in TechPlace, a business incubator facility at Brunswick Landing and is seeking federal approval to grow pot for research.

A Florida-based research firm is in the final stages of obtaining a rare federal license to grow cannabis for medical research in Maine.

Maridose LLC is one of at least 37 companies that has applied to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to grow cannabis for federal research. There are only about 600 scientists across the country, including at least two in Maine, who have federal approval to study marijuana. 


Europe’s first seed bank with registration to open in Copenhagen


Finding high-quality cannabis seeds in Europe is about to get easier.¬†Franchise Global Health¬†announced that its Danish subsidiary, Rangers Pharmaceutical, will be Europe‚Äôs ‚Äúfirst legal and¬†registered‚ÄĚ seed bank in Copenhagen, Denmark, according to an April 28¬†press release.

The seed bank is home to one of the largest collections of its kind with 286 strains, including several world-class genetics and winners of 19 High Times Cannabis Cups. The company has a footprint all over the globe, including Germany, Canada, Colombia, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Portugal, and Denmark.


Aeropay and Flowhub announce contactless payments integration

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Cannabis retailers using Flowhub's point-of-sale platform can now offer compliant, cashless payments to customers

Aeropay, the cannabis industry's leading digital payments provider, and Flowhub, the leading national cannabis point-of-sale platform for dispensaries, have announced an integration partnership to enable ACH payments via Aeropay for over 1,000 dispensaries powered by Flowhub's software. Retailers using Flowhub can now offer cashless payments at checkout, which increases sales by more than 25% per transaction, based on data from Aeropay.


Sustainable solutions: How hemp is being used to make prosthetic limbs

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Kyle Trivisonno is one of the brains at Human Plant Solutions. He's currently working on a project that uses hemp to make prosthetic limbs.

“Having something that moves and kind of transitions with their gate cycle is kind of an ideal property," Trivisonno said.

There are more than 2 million Americans who have lost an arm or a leg or were born without one of their limbs. Millions more have health issues, such as diabetes, that could lead to amputation in the future.

Trivisonno and Sam Spallita have devoted their new business to providing an alternative to high-cost options.


Lucid Green raises $10M to power the first intelligent cannabis UPC platform

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Lucid Green is transforming the cannabis supply chain with its LucidIDs, the industry's first intelligent QR code to improve the supply chain for brands, distributors, retailers and consumers.

The intelligent UPC platform transforming the entire cannabis supply chain ‚ÄĒ¬†today announced its¬†$10 million¬†Series B funding round led by¬†Gron Ventures, with participation by¬†Gotham Green Partners. Lucid Green also announced three new pricing levels for brands, with varying levels of support to accommodate businesses of all sizes. With Lucid Green, brands, retailers, distributors and consumers realize the benefits of a streamlined cannabis supply chain ‚ÄĒ one that allows for dynamic information sharing, reduces costs, and increases transparency and trust for all stakeholders.


State suggests cashless apps for cannabis stores to avoid robbery

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Last week, the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board and Washington State Department of Financial Institutions published a list of cashless phone apps and transfer services that cannabis retailers can use for customer payments, in lieu of cash.

The list also included banks and credit unions that would provide services to pot shops.

Because pot is federally illegal, cannabis retailers usually cannot take credit or debit cards. This reliance on cash alone has made them a¬†target for armed robberies, which have spiked this year ‚ÄĒ including a robbery in Tacoma that¬†saw an employee murdered.

However, not all cannabis retailers were optimistic about the cashless apps.

‚ÄėHigh‚Äô frequency in armed robberies at pot shops in Puget Sound region


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