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Retail Dispensary Manager job - The Grass Station - Denver, CO

Colorado is at the forefront for the cultivation and sale of marijuana for recreational use. It's one of the state's fastest growing business sectors and the Kindman cannabis brand and Grass Station cannabis dispensaries are leaders in this emerging industry. We're seeking professional, poised, and motivated individuals to join our team of experienced experts to fulfill our exciting mission.

Grass Station Retail Manager

Position Overview


$36 million raised for Ohio marijuana legalization proposal

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Investors have raised at least $36 million to fund ResponsibleOhio's plan to legalize marijuana and purchase the commercial growing sites promised to investor groups.

Investors contributed $4 million to each of nine limited liability corporations tied to ResponsibleOhio last year, according to securities offering filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. ResponsibleOhio officials have said they expect to spend more than $20 million to get their constitutional amendment on the statewide ballot and passed by a majority of voters in November.


Bringing Lessons from the Classroom and Boardroom to the Cannabis Industry

Investor Insight: John M. Torrens, Syracuse, NY

Are you searching for capital that you don’t really need? Do you believe that your business venture will succeed simply because it involves cannabis? Are you solving an actual problem? These are all questions that every entrepreneur in our industry should be asking themselves and the fantastic John M. Torrens of KC Ventures, is the gentleman who’s availed himself to get this important conversation started with all of us.

How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?


Missouri Senator Introduces Marijuana Legalization Bill

Missouri is high on my list of states that could legalize marijuana by the end of 2016. Missouri has the strongest campaign team I have ever seen (Show-Me Cannabis), and I always say that if they can legalize in Missouri, they will prove that any state can do the same. Unlike Western and Northeastern states, where views towards cannabis are generally more liberal, Missouri is in the heart of America where reefer madness is much more prevalent.


Can DC Cash In On Marijuana Despite Congress' Chokehold?

by Kiley Kroh Posted on March 1, 2015 at 1:32 pm Updated: March 1, 2015 at 2:38 pm

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"D.C. Residents Won’t Let Congress Blunt Their Enthusiasm For Legal Pot Business"


State Of Pot In Colorado A Year After Marijuana Legalization

Colorado has released its first annual report on the status of the marijuana market a year after legalization in the state. It shows a growing industry that has sold nearly 75 tons of cannabis flower and almost 50 million units of pot edibles.

A year after the first licensed marijuana retail stores opened in Colorado, the Marijuana Enforcement Division says the state has sold nearly $700 million of medical and recreational marijuana in 2014. More than half of that, or $386 million, was spent on medical marijuana while $313 million accounted for recreational use.


Amid controversy, D.C. marijuana law goes into effect

WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Thursday at midnight, for the first time in his life, Allen St. Pierre got legally stoned.

While St. Pierre, executive director of NORML, a national advocacy group for the legalization of marijuana, said he possessed illegal marijuana for his entire adult life, he celebrated when Initiative 71, Washington, D.C.’s ballot measure to legalize marijuana went into effect by not only lighting up, but also by planting his own cannabis seeds.

“In D.C., it was clear this initiative was going to pass,” St. Pierre said, referring to last November’s referendum when marijuana legalization was approved with 70 percent of the vote. “We did volunteer call outs in the two weeks leading up to the vote, but there was no cajoling necessary to get it to pass.”


Pot-Dispensing Rabbi: DC Residents Deserve Legal Access to Marijuana

Rabbi Jeffrey Kahn lives in Washington, D.C., where he and his family own and operate Takoma Wellness Center.

Congress needs to back off and respect the wishes of D.C. residents to legalize marijuana.


Colorado releases trove of marijuana data

Pot patent(Photo: Bloomberg)

DENVER - It may very well be largest collection of data about marijuana use ever released in human history.

Colorado's Marijuana Enforcement Division unveiled an official report documenting a trove of information about marijuana and edible pot sales, the size of the industry, and testing results.

The Raw Tonnage

74 tons of marijuana flower were sold in the state, of which only 19 tons were sold as "recreational," telling us medical patients used more than twice as much marijuana flower (buds) as did recreational customers.


Small town, big marijuana business

Oak Creek — Before moving to Colorado, Nick Neidlein didn't smoke marijuana, knew next to nothing about the retail business and had never even seen many plants.

With the legalization of recreational marijuana, Neidlein's life has changed dramatically.

Reefer Review: A year of marijuana

Click here to read the Reefer Review, a five-part series on the first year of legal marijuana.

He moved to Breckenridge about four years ago, and through some former roommates, he met Brian Rogers.


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