Flock of sheep eats 220 pounds of Cannabis and starts 'jumping higher than goats'

Flock of sheep eats 100 kg cannabis and starts 'jumping higher than goats'

Sheep Devour Nearly 100 kg of Medical Cannabis in Greek Greenhouse During Storm.

Greece is among the European Union (EU) nations that have legalised cannabis for certain medical purposes. The country had grown and exported cannabis before its possession was banned in 1936.

A flock of hungry sheep in a Greek town devoured nearly 100 kg of cannabis grown inside a greenhouse recently, according to a Newsweek report. The animals were seeking refuge amid the deadly Storm Daniel that hit Greece, Libya, Turkey and Bulgaria.

The therapeutic marijuana was being cultivated in the greenhouse near the town of Almyros in central Greece's Thessaly.

The shepherd noticed that something was wrong when his flock started showing “strange behaviour”, the report said. The sheep were “jumping higher than goats, which never happens”, Yannis Bourounis, the owner of the farm, reportedly told a local radio producer.

In a similar incident in India last November, the police in Uttar Pradesh's Mathura told a court that rats ate more than 500 kg of marijuana kept at police warehouses. The police had confiscated the drugs, said to be worth Rs 60 lakh, from a truck in 2020.

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