Augusta could become home to a new Medical Cannabis dispensary

Augusta could become home to a new Medical Cannabis dispensary

AUGUSTA - A medical cannabis dispensary could be on the way to Augusta.

A Georgia company gave the full commission a presentation last week. The president of Botanical Sciences spoke to commissioners last week about the benefits of having a dispensary in Augusta.

Medical cannabis is legal in Georgia NOT medical marijuana. It’s a low-THC oil patient registry state- meaning patients with a prescription can buy and possess 20 ounces or less of it.

Medical cannabis treats symptoms from illnesses like cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and seizure disorders.

Commissioner Tony Lewis said it’s time to allow a dispensary to open.

“It’s legal. It’s medical. It’s for medicinal purposes. And you just can’t- the doctors have to give you a prescription. And it’s not like those that would be getting a prescription would be able to just purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase, purchase. But they would have to do it based upon the prescription that they are given.”

Right now there are only two dispensaries in Georgia- one in Marietta and one in Macon. A third is in the works in Pooler.

Commissioner Lewis thinks his fellow commissioners will approve the new business once it comes to a vote.

“Any business that comes to the city you have to apply. You have to go through Planning and Zoning. You have to get an application for a business license and things of that nature. So, the process is no different than you and I wanting to open up a business. And because it is legal and it’s medical cannabis, I don’t think we would have a problem actually passing.”

Further discussion on the issue will happen once the company puts in an application with the Planning Commission.

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