Arizona voters made a huge mistake when we legalized Recreational Marijuana

Arizona voters made a huge mistake when we legalized Recreational Marijuana

Everyone talks about the homeless problem, and now the DUI problem, but never addresses what has really changed in Arizona.

The decision to legalize cannabis was a major mistake, especially after seeing the negative effects it had on Colorado after that state legalized recreational marijuana before the pandemic.

The gateway drug is now legal, and the access to all drugs is out of control. We cannot blame this on our county officials.

Unfortunately, we the voters created this new environment.

James Anton, Prescott

Vouchers bankrupt public education

As a parent, I want to speak to the bankrupting of public education in Arizona as a result of the Empowerment Scholarship Account (ESA) vouchers program.

There are various problems with it. The biggest is what politicians say is the purpose of ESA vouchers: That they are a way to improve public education.

The politicians need to be honest about ESAs and say that they are turning public education into state-sponsored private education.

ESAs are simply a way to dismantle public education and to move state money into the private sector.

After voucher expansion: Some families have massive unpaid bills

There are many ways to improve public education. However, empowerment scholarships have nothing to do with them.

I oppose them. As a democracy, our children deserve a public education. My own children have seven years of public school left to go, and I want a high-quality public education for them.

Politicians, please take a look at ways to improve public education, such as Project Momentum in the Avondale School District, if you want to improve our schools.

If you want to dismantle public education, just say that while you continue to support ESAs.

Caroline Yeryomenko, Glendale

Bets on the next rage shooting?

Now that gambling is so well accepted, it’s time to up the ante. America needs a gaming site to wager on the next mass shooting.

Call it Second Amendment Lotto or NRA Victory Garden. Perhaps you could have a separate division for murder-suicide.

Wagers could be placed on the state, city or business of the next slaughter. Bonus for guessing the exact weapon.

Come on, people. Are you pro-life or pro-gun?  You can’t be both.

We are eating ourselves alive. This will keep going on unless we stop it.

Mike Epstein, Phoenix

Our war on CO₂ won't save the world

Joe Biden’s war to eliminate fossil fuels will have no effect on global warming unless every nation eliminates fossil fuels.

However, such elimination would result in the destruction of our economy and cause tremendous misery for mankind.

We know that China, India and other developing countries need fossil fuels to build their economies and will not give them up to reduce the temperature a few degrees.

Over the past 40 years of developing renewable energies, we burn less fossil fuels in the U.S. and in Europe.

Yet, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) we have an accumulation of CO₂ that the earth has not seen for millions of years, at some 421 parts per million.

So, maybe that accumulation is coming from natural CO₂ or, perhaps, CO₂ isn’t really the problem.

We also know that high CO₂ levels produce greener pastures. So, shouldn’t we give all of this some thought before we destroy our country?

Jerry Votendahl, Litchfield Park

Trump is not 'one tough hombre'

I can only laugh at the recent letter writer who said Donald Trump was “one tough hombre” and a “success.” Really?

Does he mean the tough hombre who avoided military service with five deferments, including for bad feet? Let me repeat that. Bad feet.

As for his “success” I’m not sure what the letter writer was referring to. Here is a partial list of the businesses that have failed with the Trump name attached: Trump Steaks. Trump Airlines. Trump Vodka. Trump Mortgage. Trump Network.

Of course, let’s not forget Trump University, in which he paid a $25 million fine for defrauding students. He must be the only person to not make money running casinos, routinely declaring bankruptcy.

He’s always been a fraud and a conman, and those who think he’s “one tough hombre” and a “success” are what’s known as the mark.


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