Mike Tyson’s Cannabis brand opens a coffee shop in Amsterdam

Mike Tyson’s Cannabis brand opens a coffee shop in Amsterdam

TYSON 2.0, Mike Tyson's cannabis brand, has launched a new coffee shop under its brand name in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The opening of the Amsterdam coffee shop marks the company's initial venture into the European market.

Starting on Friday, March 24, customers have been able to visit the new coffee shop that offers a range of products under the TYSON 2.0 brand, including accessories and other innovative items.

"It is a dream come true to open our first coffeeshop in Amsterdam," said Mike Tyson, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer of TYSON 2.0, in a press statement, adding that the coffeeshop will immerse his fans in a full-on experience where they can enjoy TYSON 2.0 products.

Tyson has not only made a name for himself as a legendary boxer, but he has also become a highly renowned cannabis entrepreneur and advocate, such that the African state of Malawi approached the boxing star in 2021 and requested him to become their official cannabis ambassador. They asked the former world heavyweight champion to take on the role of the Cannabis Branch ambassador of Malawi in order to attract foreign investment.

Adam Wilks, the CEO of TYSON 2.0, explained that Amsterdam has become one of the world's top tourist destinations, with over 18 million visitors annually. Therefore, the opening of the TYSON 2.0 coffee shop in Amsterdam marks a significant achievement for the company as it expands its international reach beyond North America and into the European market.

"We look forward to introducing the TYSON 2.0 brand and lifestyle to Amsterdam and servicing our European fans with the industry-leading products we're known for," he said in a press statement.

One of the products from Tyson 2.0 that gained recent viral attention is called Mike Bites. These are cannabis edible gummies shaped like an ear, in reference to the infamous incident where Tyson bit the right ear of former professional boxer Evander Holyfield. This bite resulted in Tyson's disqualification from the World Boxing Association Heavyweight Championship in 1997, and his boxing license was revoked while he was fined $3 million.

Positioned in Amsterdam's city center, Tyson's coffeeshop spans over 1,200 sq. ft (about 111 m2). The shop incorporates the brand's iconic color scheme of red and black, along with exposed brick walls and light oak furnishings. The lounge area allows guests to interact with the TYSON 2.0 brand, its product offerings, and a glass bar.

The opening of the coffee shop in Amsterdam comes after the brand announced its first international expansion into Canada in partnership with Purple Farm Genetics. In August 2022, the company also partnered with HEXO Corp to launch TYSON 2.0 products in Canada.

The launch of the coffee shop in Amsterdam coincides with the city's reconsideration of the regulations surrounding access to cannabis coffee shops.

The cannabis coffee shop model has become so iconic in Europe and beyond that even the US state of California is considering adopting it.

Even though cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, the country has a tolerance policy towards cannabis and other "soft drugs," as well as regulations on prostitution. This combination has resulted in an appealing variety of leisure activities for many tourists who visit the country.

However, the city council announced in February that smoking cannabis in the Red Light District will be prohibited starting from mid-May, meaning that cannabis will only be allowed to consume inside cannabis coffee shops, but not in public outdoor areas. The smoking ban may also be expanded to outdoor seating areas of cannabis coffee shops in the future.

This policy is part of the council's initiative to improve the quality of life for local residents, who have expressed dissatisfaction with the high volume of tourists in popular areas like De Wallen, the city's largest red-light district.

Amsterdam is also planning to launch a campaign to dissuade foreign visitors from participating in alcohol, drug, and sex-related activities. Additionally, it is implementing a comprehensive set of measures to combat the adverse effects of tourism that causes inconvenience to the locals.

Meanwhile, the European country has recently announced its plan to launch a pilot program that will experiment with the legal sale of cannabis by the end of this year.

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