Local advocates hope Medical Marijuana becomes legalized in Kentucky to help those in need

Local advocates hope Medical Marijuana becomes legalized in Kentucky to help those in need

LOUISVILLE - Medical marijuana is one step away from becoming legal in Kentucky.

Stores like 502 Hemp have been at the forefront and advocating for medical marijuana legalization.

"Thrilled, absolutely thrilled," Dee Dee Taylor said. "Now, we just need to get it passed in the house."

Senate Bill 47 cleared the Senate Licensing and Occupations Committee on an 8-3 vote Tuesday. Then, it went to the full Senate and voted 26-11 to pass the bill Thursday evening.

Taylor, the founder of 502 and 812 Hemp, said lawmakers finally got it right.

"I mean my goodness, you've got veterans that are coming back with so much PTSD and other illnesses that cannabis products could help with and they aren't even given that chance because our state wouldn't allow anything," Taylor said. "

Under the measure, medical cannabis could be prescribed for a specific list of conditions including cancer, chronic pain, chronic nausea and PTSD.

A person would have to be approved for a card allowing its use and a patient under 18 couldn't have or acquire medical cannabis without assistance from a designated caregiver.

But not everyone in Frankfort is on board.

"As I review it and as I see it, I just can't right now vote for it even though I admire these people so much," Sen. John Schickel (R-Boone) said. 

Medical marijuana legalization bills have died in past years on the Senate side. Frustrated by the years of inaction, Gov. Andy Beshear lifted the state's ban on medical cannabis, allowing Kentuckians to possess it for specified conditions.

"I pray for them, I actually pray for them because if you don't have compassion for your fellow man, then why are you even in office," Taylor said.

If it's approved, medical marijuana could become available as early as 2025.

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