Gordon Ramsay shares herb rolling trick 'friend' Snoop Dogg taught him

Gordon Ramsay shares herb rolling trick 'friend' Snoop Dogg taught him

Potty-mouthed chef Gordon Ramsay said rapper Snoop Dogg, a cannabis enthusiast, had taught him the best rolling technique to use with leaves. He showed it off on TikTok.

The world might not have known it needed it, but a Gordon Ramsay and Snoop Dogg cooking show now looks like a great idea.

While the pair may seem like unlikely friends, they have apparently found common ground with herbs.

Potty-mouthed celebrity chef Gordon, 56, wowed TikTok viewers recently with a leaf rolling trick he said his weed-smoking "friend" Snoop had taught him.

Gordon applied the trick to a mint leaf while preparing a recipe, whereas it's more thank likely Smoke the Weed rapper Snoop honed his craft with cannabis.

Gordon said: “This technique, my friend Snoop Dogg showed me.”

While both Gordon and Snoop know all aboutr getting ‘baked’ in different ways, it's important to point out that no weed was involved in the chef's recipe.

The Brit took to Masterclass’s TikTok channel to show viewers how to “roll that leaf”.

He said: “Get some fresh mint and find the largest leaf and put all the little tiny ones inside that. Then, roll that leaf nice and tight, like that.”

One astute viewer commented: “It wasn’t mint that Snoop Dogg was rolling.”

The US MasterChef host boasted that the special trick makes your herbs extra fragrant.

Gordon added: “It’s a great way of rolling mint.

“Look what happens, you’ve got these beautiful fragrant shards of mint.”

A grinder might have made light work of the herb, but Gordon’s skills were impressive nonetheless.

However, there's some debate between viewers as to where Gordon really learned the technique.

Snoop Dogg’s method is a real trick used in the culinary world called ‘chiffonade’.

The French cooking technique allows chefs to finely cut herbs or leafy green vegetables into long, thin strips.

A viewer wrote: “Did Snoop Dogg teach Gordon Ramsay to chiffonade? Ain’t no way.”

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