Canonic uses AI to breed new line of THC-heavy cannabis products

Canonic uses AI to breed new line of THC-heavy cannabis products

The company’s six new products all contain over 22% THC levels, a feat made possible thanks to AI-enabled gene selection.

The latest proof that artificial intelligence is good for just about anything comes via Israeli cannabis developer Canonic, which on Tuesday launched a series of hybrid cannabis products produced with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. 

The company’s six new medical-grade products — Synergy, Combo, Mosaic, Two Stars, Mash Kush and Blend Kush — all contain at least 22% THC, the primary psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. These strains were bred selectively to contain higher levels of THC and particular terpene characteristics with the assistance of the tech engine “GeneRator AI” developed by Evogene, of which Canonic is a subsidiary.

“Utilizing Canonic’s and Evogene’s advanced technologies for selecting novel genetic markers, allowed us to accelerate and direct the development of our advanced cannabis varieties,” said Eyal Ronen, CEO of Canonic. “We are very proud to have completed the launch of six new products in the Israeli market, and we expect sales growth in 2023. Looking ahead, we will continue the development of our third-generation products, particularly with selecting new and unique terpenes. Furthermore, we intend to sell our products to broader markets starting with Europe.”

From zaza to zvoovim: AI grows ‘em better

The use of AI as a tool for characteristic selection is far from limited to growing the next best iteration of the Devil’s lettuce; it has also been used to optimize the production of less recreational crops.

Israeli agri-tech company AgwaFarm utilizes Artificial Intelligence in its proprietary product — an in-home crop growing appliance — to flag and optimize the care of struggling vegetables. The company’s marketing specialist Daniel Barkan expressed the incredible benefit that the rapidly-developing technology has granted. “Most of the time, we know there’s something wrong even before the customer notices, and we take care of it remotely,” he said.

AI data analysis is even being used to research the best way to breed what may become the premiere protein source of the future: flies.

In December, the Israel Innovation Authority announced the establishment of an innovation consortium consisting of eight companies which will reportedly utilize AI technology in order to further develop current breeding techniques for Black Soldier Flies, which the IIA has pointed out as a viable source of alternative protein.

“The creative use of bugs as a solution to the problem of organic waste hazards, while reducing environmental pollution has proven itself to be highly effective,” said Aviv Zeevi, VP of technological infrastructure at the Israel Innovation Authority. “Bugs have high nutritional potential, produce fewer greenhouse gasses and emit less ammonia than farm animals – industrial-scale farming of bugs requires less space, water and land than a cattle farm, and they are more effective at converting food to biomass.”

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