Missouri to begin accepting personal Marijuana cultivation applications by Feb. 6

Missouri to begin accepting personal marijuana cultivation applications by Feb. 6

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has released a sample of the form people will use to apply for a personal marijuana cultivation license.

A license is needed for people to grow their own marijuana plants in their homes.

“We were able to put sample application materials and the instructions out there for everyone to kind of prepare for what they’re able to do in February,” said Lisa Cox, DHSS spokesperson.

The department will not accept the forms until February.

“By Feb. 6, which was also laid out for us in the amendment by the drafters, we will begin accepting those applications for personal cultivation,” Cox said.

The timing allows the state to award dispensaries with the appropriate licenses to sell adult-use marijuana.

“Then those who are approved for personal cultivation will be able to go to those dispensaries to purchase the things they need to grow at home,” Cox said.

Missourians will be able to purchase marijuana seeds, seedlings and clones at dispensaries.

Missouri Amendment 3 allows any Missouri resident who is 21 and older to apply for a cultivation license. It costs $100 to apply.

The license allows individuals to grow up to 12 marijuana plants, with a maximum of six of those plants flowering. People also can have six clones, also known as cuttings. The plants must be locked up and out of the public eye.

It is also against the law for people with cultivation licenses to sell the marijuana they grow themselves. They can, however, gift someone up to three ounces, as long as no money is exchanged.

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