Mom pleads guilty to marijuana treat mishap


Williamsport - A Lycoming County woman was ordered to surrender her medical marijuana card after admitting she didn't keep THC-laced treats out of reach of children.

That's the first time a defendant has been ordered to surrender a medical marijuana card after an arrest in Lycoming County, according to District Attorney Ryan Gardner.

Heather Ann Smith, 42, pleaded guilty Monday morning to misdemeanor disorderly conduct and was ordered to serve six months of probation, along with giving up her card. She will also be responsible for all court costs.

Smith admitted to making THC-laced Rice Krispies treats that were eaten by an 8-year-old neighbor who had come to her house to play with Smith's daughter.

Smith told the court Monday she should have put the treats in a place the children couldn't access.

She appeared to struggle at times to keep up with Judge Tira’s questions, leading Tira to ask Smith if she was under the influence of drugs. Smith denied it, saying she had a lot on her mind. 

Smith was originally charged with misdemeanor endangering the welfare of children, but accepted the disorderly conduct charge as part of her plea deal. The endangering charge was dismissed, but Smith was forced to surrender her card. 

The rest of the hearing was completed without incident. Smith was order to give her fingerprints at the conclusion. 

Smith handed her medical marijuana card to Gardner as she left the courtroom. 

Region: Pennsylvania