Hollyweed Launches Delta 8 Flower: Raises the Standards of the Hemp Industry


GLENDALE - Hollyweed, an emerging cannabis beauty and holistic company, has launched its line of products that may help Americans to keep up with their mental, spiritual, emotional and holistic fitness. 

Hollyweed has emerged as the leading company that manufactures cannabinoid and hemp products ever since the Californian Government lifted the ban on cannabis. The famous plant advocate and Multimedia artist Zach Fernandez played an essential role in the company's setup as he changed the famous Hollywood logo to the Hollyweed sign on New Year’s Eve in 2017.

The company was founded with the help of experts in the CBD field with the agenda of building people's health by keeping in mind the six wellness factors, i.e., spiritual, emotional, intellectual, environmental, physical and social. The team focuses on integrating the medical knowledge related to the CBD industry to promote the transparent and proper use of the Cannabinoid.  

The company's Chief Executive Officer, Renee Gagnon, showed exemplary enthusiasm during the launch of their Delta 8 Segment. He added, "We're thrilled to announce the launch of the new 8 products of our company that have been specially formulated to help people interested in CBD consumption try the products under the special dosage mentioned. The products would help the users enhance their knowledge regarding the CBD products as each product is mixed with the Delta 8 strain that makes the blend unique."

Here are the launched products of the Delta 8 THC range: 

  • Delta 8 Hemp Flowers ZKittles: 

    This product is formulated with the best Hemp flowers. The strain used in the making is exceptionally delicious and beneficial and makes you feel euphoric after a long tiring day. The product is priced at $39.95- $69.95 for a 3.5-gram jar. 

  • Delta 8 Hemp Flower Gorilla Glue: 

    As the name goes, Gorilla glue is a unique product launched that helps you to relax and feel whimsical. The unique blend of Coffee, Chocolate, Citrus and Pepper makes the formulation unique without compromising on the usage and potency of the Delta -8 THC. The Gorilla Glue is organic and free of GMOs and harmful pesticides. 

  • Delta 8 Hemp Flower Cookies: 

    These are not your regular cookies but a unique blend of Delta 8 THC strain and other ingredients like Durban Poison and OG Kush, making it an innovative product. Cookies have gained immense popularity among CBD users and this newly launched cookie is a fresh take on the cookie made of delicious Cannabinoid strain. 

  • Delta 8 Hemp Sour Space Candy: 

    This unique candy gives you that sweet candy taste in your mouth but the Sativa strain used helped in taking your mood to a new level. This sweet candy will surely give a sense of euphoria to anyone who tastes it. The product is priced at $39.95 for a 3.5 grams jar. 

The CEO further emphasized the transparency of each formulation and assured the customers about the efficacy of the products. In addition, the company has hired a certified third-party Lab to provide every product's quality check. The lab reports of each product are mentioned on the website.  

About Hollyweed

Hollyweed is a holistic company that has recently launched its new Delta 8 THC flower, being the pioneer in Hemp Products for over a decade. The company was founded with the help of experts in the Cannabinoid industry. Their knowledge and approach have helped the company reach its potential. The breakthrough came after Zach Fernandez changed the logo of Hollywood to Hollyweed after the ban on the Cannabinoid was lifted. 

The products at Hollyweed have been formed keeping in mind the efficiency and the efficacy of cannabis products for the betterment of health. Ever since Hollyweed entered the CBD market, its products have been the game changer and people look forward to bringing the products on their shelves. One can call it sheer curiosity or the willingness to experiment.  

The company ensures the users of every product's transparency and efficiency. For example, a certified third-party lab runs all the tests and maintains each product's lab report on the company's official website.

Region: North America