Alton City Council to discuss future of marijuana stores


There will be a handful of property demolitions on the next Alton City Council meeting agenda, but the focus may also be on the future of recreational and medicinal marijuana stores in the city.

Third Ward Alderman Ray Strebel introduced two resolutions to facilitate the discussion of zoning for the stores, and add a section to the city code to reflect what is described as in the "best long-term interest" of the city.

The demolition proceedings will target properties at 1,135 Harrison Street, 2,619 Plainview Terrace, and adjacent properties at 3,602 and 3,604 Thomas Avenue.

Upcoming street work on State Street between Rozier and Logan will be paid for through STP funding after a suspension of the rules and subsequent positive vote. All of the items that passed in committee Monday were passed unanimously Wednesday as well.

Region: Illinois