Kandy Girl launches new app offering legal shipping services of marijuana edibles to all 50 states


Kandy Girl, a cannabis company that has managed to skirt federal marijuana regulations by selling THC infused edibles in larger sized gummies, announced on Monday, that their app is now live on the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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The app allows consumers to purchase their edibles and checkout via credit card or Apple Pay.

The company says Cannabis consumers won't need to provide a medical card and due to the way their gummies are made, they actually contain significantly more THC than dispensary grade gummies.

Kandy Girl isn't subject to statewide marijuana taxes, providing reduced costs for the consumers and saving a trip to the dispensary.

Kandy Girl states that currently, at the time of writing, their gummies are legal in all 50 states despite having 300mg of THC per bottle. That's 3x the statewide legal limit for marijuana edibles sold in a dispensary. Currently, licensed marijuana dispensaries have a cap of 10mg per serving and no more than 100mg per package.

For consumers in states like Florida that require a medical marijuana card, Kandy Girl says those consumers can skip renewing their medical marijuana card this year, so long as they don't mind consuming just edibles.

Region: United States