Introducing Cognitive Harmony Technologies: New platform levels playing field for cannabis licenses


Digital Platform Launches for New Jersey Applicants; New York Pre-Sales Available

Calling all cannabis start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs! Today, Cognitive Harmony Technologies (CHT) announced the launch and rollout of the CHT Accelerator to streamline the cannabis business license application process, making it as simple as filing taxes online.  The company's game-changing service and platform offers materials, resources, live support, and guidance by industry leaders through every part of the process to allow all applicants – regardless of the amount of investment capital - an alternative to compete effectively and at an affordable price, paving the way for a more equitable and just cannabis industry where small businesses have a fair shake.

Like most disruptive technologies, Co-Founders, software engineer Walter Moore and physicist Charles Cherqui, founded CHT when they ran into their own set of obstacles. When launching their own cannabis company and social equity incubator, Perception Farms, the application process was not only intimidating, but most applicants were set up for rejection from the beginning, even in states whose laws include restorative justice components.

 "One mistake. Come back in two years," said Walter Moore, CHT Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. This set the stage for the creation and need for the CHT Accelerator, which uses AI and machine learning algorithms to streamline the process to create a competitive application. The software automates redundant processes, enabling applicants to submit without missing materials or making other common mistakes.

The CHT Accelerator is now available for New Jersey cannabis business license applicants. Pre-sales for New York applicants are also available, with expansion into additional states' licensed markets rolling out later this year.

"Producing a compliant application typically requires an expensive consulting service that can cost upwards of $150K, creating a huge gap between the goodwill of legislators passing social equity laws and equitable cannabis business ownership," Moore said.

"The CHT Accelerator is designed to level the playing field to support social equity initiatives and bring change to an industry which has historically whitewashed the past injustices served in its former prohibition."

The CHT Accelerator provides applicants with a master checklist, automated templates and live chat features that guide the submission and is much more affordable than its hundred-thousand-dollar-plus competitors: CHT charges $30K for general applicants and $15K for social equity applicants, with additional opportunities for significant discounts, including their offer of a 20 percent discount on pre-sales until June 30, 2022.

"As a cannabis business license owner, I know just how difficult it is to put together a competitive application. We developed the CHT Accelerator to help lower the barrier of entry for others willing to put in the hard work of assembling an application, but who would otherwise be priced out of the competition," said Charles Cherqui, Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer.

Additionally, Cognitive Harmony Technologies (CHT) will be working with Justice Cannabis Co as its content partner to offer its clients the same quality content that has won dozens of licenses in numerous states. Co-founded by civil rights attorney Jon Loevy, one of the most successful trial lawyers in the United States, the Justice Cannabis team has spent their careers fighting for the rights of the wrongly convicted and currently have 11 dispensaries around the country, as well as an impressive range of world class cannabis products in development.

"CHT has the potential to turbo-charge social equity participation in cannabis," said Jon Loevy, Co-Founder of Justice Cannabis Co.

"There is nothing like CHT in the existing marketplace. Justice Cannabis appreciates the opportunity to partner with CHT and share our technical knowledge of the industry with license applicants."

Region: New Jersey