New cannabis testing to help growers manage, prevent microbial outbreaks



MCR Lab’s new Environmental Monitoring Testing Suite can pinpoint contamination causes & identify effective solutions

Local cannabis testing laboratory MCR Labs has released a new testing suite designed to diagnose microbial issues and determine the best path forward for successful remediative measures.

This new service can prevent future outbreaks by allowing cultivators to monitor their grow environment closely for any potential contamination sources, avoiding a full-on outbreak altogether.

“It’s really a game changer for growers, as microbial outbreaks are not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ issue,” said Jonathan Wani, MCR’s director of Business Development.

“The biggest value for them is identifying the specific species behind the outbreak. Once you know what species you’re working with, you can develop a targeted remediation plan that’s going to be much more effective than a generic remediative method.”

MCR Microbiologist Mikaela Berthiaume homogenizes a sample for microbial testing.

Environmental Monitoring is the latest addition to MCR’s arsenal of plant health services, following the release of Speciation and Plant Nutrition. These tools are meant to provide cultivators with actionable data on their grow to aid in the production of happy, healthy plants.

“What we don’t want to do is just fail producers on these mandatory microbiological screens and leave them hanging,” said Michael Kahn, CEO & Founder of MCR Labs.

“We’re here to assist cultivating a healthy plant, and therefore a safe product for the consumer.”

MCR Labs is licensed as an independent testing laboratory in both the Medical and Adult Use Marijuana programs, which are overseen by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC). The lab also offers their services to home growers, patients, researchers, or curious consumers.

Region: Massachusetts