fbpx Grow lights ‘growing’ in popularity as medical marijuana laws are passed

Grow lights ‘growing’ in popularity as medical marijuana laws are passed

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 A national company with offices in Charlotte is keeping a close eye on medical marijuana laws in the Carolinas. The owners see a bright future as they produce grow lamps for growers across the nation.

Grow lamps aren’t new, they’ve been around well before medical marijuana laws were passed.  Right now with the popularity of LEDs and more businesses legally growing marijuana, sales of grow lamps continue to grow.

They are some of the brightest lights money can buy, but they aren’t meant for home decor.

“They are LED grow lights and they are used for all types of agriculture, including vegetables and of course cannabis which seems to be very popular in the last few years,” said Mark Honeycutt, CEO of AB Lighting.

The popularity of grow lights helped form AB Lighting in 2021.

“I would say there is a handful at most of good grow lights,” said Honeycutt.

So what makes grow lights so special? They are LED and can be controlled easily with a turn of the dial.

They also come in all shapes and colors. A blue hue is used for early growth and root development, while a red color is used for the flowering stage.

Workers at AB Lighting are shipping out 1-2 containers of lights per week, with each container holding 400-500 units. Right now there are 6 states in the U.S. where there are no medical marijuana laws.

North and south Carolina are included, but both states have laws working through their respective capitols.

In South Carolina, there is bipartisan support, with some stipulations.

“My vote is contingent on getting rid of dispensaries. If we have dispensaries, I vote no. If we have a pharmacy involved and there is a pharmaceutical setting I am willing to vote yes,” said Republican Senator Josh Krimbell.

North Carolina’s law is also bi-partisan, but it would be among the tightest in the nation.

Even without all 50 states on board, sales of grow lights remain strong.

“There are enough states and enough activity that we are not dependent on North Carolina. I definitely expect to see a lot more volume at least once it is partially legal,” said Honeycutt.

AB Lighting also has offices in California, which is also where most businesses are ordering grow lights.

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