fbpx Costa Rica legalizes medical marijuana

Costa Rica legalizes medical marijuana

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Costa Rica has finally legalized the cultivation and consumption of marijuana for medical purposes, giving a much-needed boost to the country’s agriculture sector. Using the plant for recreational purposes is still banned in the country, though. A legislative process to legalize the drug began in January this year, but the country’s president Carlos Alvarado vetoed the bill, saying he would oppose allowing farmers to grow as many plants as they can.

Therefore, the government later tweaked the bill. The final version of the bill imposes a limit on the cultivation of the plant.

Analysts predict that over the next few years the Central American country may allow its residents to use the drug for recreational purposes as well.

That is because most of the politicians in the upcoming presidential race are in favor of such a proposal.

In Latin America, many countries have legalized medical marijuana, including Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru. However, Uruguay is the only country in the region where it is legal to use marijuana for any purpose, including recreational.

Analysts say Mexico is most likely to follow in the footsteps of Uruguay, pointing to a legislative process in the Mexican Congress to legalize both production and consumption of the plant.

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