Super Bowl LVI: Marijuana sales in California go high during Sunday game

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A joint, edible or any other cannabis product. All of that will be a first for the Super Bowl. On Sunday, some fans will enter a marijuana dispensary, located less than two miles from SoFi Stadium.

Consumers not only find pre-rolled joints, but also cannabis-infused edibles, beverages and candies, identified with the colors of the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals.

Fans at least 21 years old can purchase cannabis at the licensed dispensary without a medical marijuana card or fear of arrest. This is the first Super Bowl to be played in a state where recreational marijuana is legal.
State voters approved the required proposition in November 2016. The Los Angeles area, in particular, has become a thriving market for the legal sale and consumption of recreational marijuana.

Licensed dispensaries selling recreational cannabis in SoFi Stadium

Within two miles of SoFi Stadium, there are two licensed dispensaries that sell recreational cannabis, and there are about 200 such dispensaries in Los Angeles County.

They have names like SkyhighLa, Puff Los Angeles and LA Wonderland Marijuana, and Pineapple Express is among several retailers offering home and hotel delivery.

No wonder weed enthusiast and rapper Snoop Dogg is one of the Super Bowl halftime performers.

In addition, former NFL running back and 1998 Heisman Trophy winner Ricky Williams has used the occasion to relaunch his personal brand of cannabis called "Highsman."

"The bud Bowl,'' one cannabis provider is calling Super Bowl LVI. That's bud as in the flowering marijuana bud that Snoop likes to smoke, not the old Budweiser Bud Bowl Super Bowl ad campaign.

"It is pretty special, even though the NFL has elected not to allow us to have a role at all in the Super Bowl,'' said Marie St. Fleur, acting executive director and CEO of the National Association of Cannabis Businesses. "It is exciting that there is a conversation about the cannabis industry happening.''

The NFL has confirmed that marijuana remains on the league's "restricted" product list, meaning it will not be for sale or advertised at games or during broadcasts.

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