How much weed was sold in top-selling cannabis states? Arizona & Michigan smash records again

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In November, taxes for recreational marijuana sales in Arizona totaled around $5.05 million, slightly above medical cannabis tax, which amounted to $5.03 million.

Arizona continues to smash cannabis sales records, with yet another milestone of over $1.23 billion of marijuana products sold during the first 11 months of 2021, Arizona Mirror writes.

After soaring to record highs in October to nearly $58 million, adult-use recreational cannabis sales hit a new peak in November by surpassing $60 million for the first time. On the medical side, after reaching $73 million in March and April, sales fluctuated throughout the year.

In November, taxes for recreational marijuana sales totaled around $5.05 million, slightly above medical cannabis tax, which amounted to $5.03 million.

Arizona voters approved the use of recreational cannabis in November 2020. According to the New York Times and The Associated Press, 59.9% of voters in the Grand Canyon State voted “yes” for Proposition 207, dubbed Smart & Safe.

In the meantime, Benzinga’s home state of Michigan ended 2021 with a strong December in terms of cannabis sales, which increased by 66% year-over-year to $168 million.

Medical cannabis sales fell 17% from a year ago, to $32.9 million, according to Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency’s data. Adult-use sales, meanwhile, increased by 119% over the same period to a record $135 million, representing a sequential improvement of 12%.

Flower and trim sales represented 56% of the overall market, consistent with the prior two months but lower than the 57% in the third quarter and 58% in the second quarter.

In addition, flower pricing for adult-use cannabis saw a dramatic decline of 47% year-over-year and 3% from November to $2,958 per pound.

In 2021, year-to-date combined sales were up 82%, reaching $1.79 billion.

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