Three tips for saving money on cannabis in the New Year

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Ultimately, there may be no single resource on the market more effective at helping people save money on cannabis than a dry-herb vaporizer.

The end of the holidays and the beginning of a new year brings about the urge to make improvements, which is where New Year’s resolutions come into play — and saving money is typically among the most common.

If a person is a cannabis enthusiast hoping to save cash by reducing how much is speent on marijuana consumption, keep the following tips in mind.

Refrain from rolling up

Rolling up a thick, satisfying blunt or joint before lighting it is a truly satisfying experience for any cannabis enthusiast. Even though that’s the case, doing so too often is a great way to burn through funds.

That’s why those who are set on reducing how much money they spend on cannabis should explore consumption methods aside from rolling up. Typically, blunts and joints take about a gram each. By choosing to smoke from a bong, pipe or vaporizer, that gram goes much further than it does in a joint.

Try vaping  

Recycling is always a phenomenal way to save money. Making an investment in a dry-herb vaporizer is a great way to reduce the amount of money spent on cannabis because it allows users to repurpose their buds.

Vaping is also said to get users higher than combustion-based consumption methods such as joints or bowls.

People who choose to vape have the option of repurposing their already vaped cannabis for edibles or to roll spliffs. Of course, simply smoking already vaped buds in a bong or bowl works too, but it may not taste that great.

Ultimately, there may be no single resource on the market more effective at helping people save money on cannabis than a dry-herb vaporizer.

Take more tolerance breaks

Another tip for saving money on marijuana is to take longer tolerance breaks more frequently. This will not only help save money by reducing how much time is spent willing to smoke marijuana, but also because these breaks help to ensure it doesn’t take as much bud to get as high.

Since tolerance breaks increase marijuana’s effectiveness, it’s best to plan to take on as soon as it starts to seem like the weed is not packing the same punch it used to. Doing so can be instrumental in not only saving money, but having an overall improved relationship with marijuana use.

Making the decision to save money on weed could pay off big throughout the year. All it takes is knowing the right approaches for keeping spending habits under control and the discipline to put them into practice.

Following these steps offer the groundwork for saving funds while still allowing a cannabis lover to enjoy marijuana on a regular basis.

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