An alligator and over 100 pounds of marijuana found in BHO lab in McKinleyville

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Members of the Humboldt County Sheriff's Office arrested a man in Mckinleyville on Wednesday after discovering a hash oil lab in his home, and for illegally owning an alligator.

According to HSCO, members of the marijuana enforcement team served a warrant to a residence located on Cochran Road, where an indoor lab was discovered.

The HCSO said that 42-year-old Ronnie Miller was reportedly operating the BHO. Deputies found over 509 pounds of processed cannabis, 499 pounds of bud, 364 pounds of shake, and 165 pounds of butane hash oil. Along with that, deputies also located three guns; including what the sheriff's office called a "ghost gun" assault rifle. All of this, while Miller's two children were living next to the operation.

Additionally, California Department of Fish and Wildlife wardens located an illegally-owned dwarf alligator being showcased in a tank at the residence. The CDFW is working to coordinate the safe removal and re-homing of the alligator.


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