Singer Amalina pleads the fifth on whether or not she smokes weed, but hasn’t had negative feedback on cannabis lyrics

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“I think people love my vibe over marijuana.”

Singer, performer and budding sensation Amalina reports that far from receiving backlash about some of her cannabis-related lyrics, she believes people actually dig her weed vibe. Recently interviewed by Andy Dosty on Daybreak Hitz, the Ghanaian musician was asked if she smoked. Amalina first laughed and then responded: “What a question,” adding what sounds like, “I prefer to plead the fifth on that.”

Amalina responds that she hasn’t received that criticism either now or in the past. “In fact, none at all. I think people love my vibe over marijuana, so I don’t get that,” says the artist, whose music combines several styles, including Afrobeats, Reggae and Hiphop.

We Party — representing Amalina’s fourth official single and the first time she has revealed her face in a song — includes plenty of references to cannabis. She sings about “ganja and booze, yeah, yeah,” “we don’t want to get too high,” “roll up something,” more clearly, “roll up a joint” and “I’ll show you the healing of the ganja.”

A tweet posted after the song was released shows a clip of the accompanying video, starting with Amalina releasing a puff of smoke.

Pressed further by Dosty about the marijuana mood and weed words of the song, Amalina responded simply: “It’s a song.”

Signed with J.R. Music, MyJoyOnline reports that she says her lyrics are just a reflection of what is happening in society and are not necessarily representative of her own life.

As a creative person, Amalina also says what she strives to create for viewers and listeners is akin to a movie.

“So if you ask me why I sing about ganja, I would say ganja is the movie I am creating,” she notes.

The artist known as Lorde recently attracted her own buzz with her Solar Power video. It depicted the two-time Grammy winner taking a single haul on an ornamental bong, something that immediately lifts her energy.

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