Marijuana Etiquette Is Very Important — Here Are Some Tips To Keep In Mind

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Marijuana works best when done as a communal activity. Here are some basic guidelines to follow if you’re interested in getting invited to these kinds of things.

Marijuana is usually a communal activity, at least when you’re first starting off. While seasoned cannabis users tend to smoke cannabis on their own, there’s always that moment of having cannabis with your friends, making the activity extra special and something people can bond over.

While natural and organic, there are still some guidelines to follow. Once you know them, it’s pretty easy to become a good smoking buddy, and the type of person people want around once joints get passed around. You don’t want to be that person in the group who hogs all of the weed or worse, burns it.

If you bring edibles, explain what’s in them

If you’re hosting a party and have prepared some edibles, it’s part of your hosting duties to explain to everyone what’s in them in terms of dosage. You don’t have to get too specific, just mention if they’re strong, or they’re light, or, if you haven’t tried them, to explain just that. It’s also important to make it clear that there’s weed in them by labeling them, preventing others from getting high unexpectedly.

Cornering the bowl is the practice of lighting the edge of it in order to avoid burning the middle of it and thus ruining everyone’s experience. By cornering the bowl you’ll ensure the person who smokes after you also gets a patch of green marijuana, which has better taste and will result in a better time.

Getting weed delivered? Or maybe even your food? No matter how cool your delivery guy or girl looks like, they’re doing their job, and you’re putting them in an awkward place by asking them to stick around and join you and your friends. Don’t ask someone on the clock to stay for a session because you want companionship.

Don’t hog the joint

When sharing a joint with a group of people, don’t take it and start talking about your recent heartbreak. Use the moments when you’re not holding it to talk to others and to go on a marijuana-induced monologue regarding the universe and the stars. As a general rule, you should take two or three drags before you pass it around, enjoying yourself but also sharing, because that’s the nice thing to do.

While you may think the joint is done when it starts to feel a little warm in between your fingertips, others might disagree. Before you stub it out, ask around if anyone else wants a list hit.

Take this opportunity to communicate

Take advantage of the fact that you’re smoking marijuana in a social setting, and use it to talk about random things and laugh. Don’t be embarrassed over how other people are perceiving you, something that cannabis often does. Just focus on having a good time.

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