Elias Theodorou knocking out cannabis as a prohibited substance in sport

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Former UFC middleweight fighter Elias Theodorou will return to the octagon on December 18th. But, he will not only be fighting another athlete; he is also making history as he knocks out cannabis from the prohibited substance list in sport in the U.S.

“The Spartan” is set to face Bryan Baker in the main event of Colorado Combat Club 10. And in a historic first, the Ultimate Fighter winner will become the first professional athlete to compete in the U.S. with a therapeutic use exemption (TUE) for medical cannabis. 

“I went to British Columbia, where I applied for a therapeutic use exemption and was approved for one. I was able to validate it this past year when I won against another formidable opponent for a promotion called Rise, fighting the stigma where I validated my therapeutic use exemption, set a precedent not only for myself but also taking that precedent to a different commission now in Colorado. So I am both the first sanctioned cannabis athlete in Canada and now the U.S. and looking to validate it again Dec 18 to make history not only for myself but all other athletes,” said Elias.

In addition to fighting, Theodorou is co-promoting the event while launching an exclusive NFT collection. The NFT collection will commemorate his #FIGHTtheSTIMGA victory, which has successfully challenged professional athletes’ penalization of cannabis use.

Watch the full interview to learn how Elias uses cannabis in a lead-up to a fight, the cannabis culture in BJJ/MMA, and his historic fight on December 18.

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