Three ways to sneak cannabis into your holiday season celebrations

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The holidays, and the family gatherings and obligations that come with them, are just around the corner. They can present some challenges for those who prefer to imbibe with cannabis rather than seasonal brews or egg nog. What if some in your family still hold on to the stigma surrounding cannabis? Fear not, because there are a few easy ways to be discreet.


If smoking is your preferred method of consuming cannabis, a trusty vape pen needs to be part of your arsenal. It's not technically smoking — you're vaporizing cannabis rather than burning it — but it's close enough. Because the cannabis is being absorbed through the lungs, the onset and effects of the high are very similar to smoking.

The differences between vaping and smoking are what make the vape pen a must-have for users looking to be discreet. They're the size of a pen, as the name suggests, which makes them incredibly portable. Plus, everything is self-contained. No need to carry the flower, a pipe and a lighter. The pen does it all. Most importantly, the vapor produces far less of the pungent cannabis smell than any method of smoking.


Transdermal patches are meant to deliver effects in a low-and-slow manner, akin to a timed-release medication. Unlike most topicals, which are unable to transport cannabinoids to the bloodstream, and therefore don't produce intoxicating effects, patches are designed to send the cannabinoids through the skin and directly into the blood. Just slap one on a venous area like your wrist, roll down your sleeve to cover it, and you're good to go. Plus, because of the timed-release nature of the delivery, patches are unlikely to cause any of those terrifying moments of suddenly becoming way too stoned.


One of the go-to methods for discreet cannabis consumption, edibles offer many of the same perks as pens and patches. For one, they're self-contained. All you need is the edible itself. As with any good discreet method, they're largely unscented. A 10-milligram chocolate in your jacket pocket is a lot easier to conceal than a gram of flower. They do have risks, though. When the effects first hit they can hit you like a truck, in a way that can be hard to conceal. Sure, you won't smell like you're stoned, but you could easily end up acting like it. Be careful not to overdo it. 

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