fbpx Cannabis wellness startup Awshad launches oral oil for pets

Cannabis wellness startup Awshad launches oral oil for pets

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Awshad, a Delhi-based cannabis wellness startup, which recently began pan-India operations, is making a foray into the pet care segment, and has launched an oral oil for pets, the company said in a statement.  

Vijaya, a full spectrum oil for pets, which can be consumed orally or given to pets with their food, will help these animals suffering from ailments such as arthritis, anxiety, stress, digestive issues, chronic pain and cancer, the company said.   

“We are glad to launch Awshad’s wellness product for pets, which is focused mainly on dogs and cats and other small to medium-size animals that live in our homes,” said Shivam Singhee, co-founder and chief executive officer, Awshad. We are confident that we will be able to make our customers and their furry friends happy and disease-free with our invention based on the wonders of cannabis wellness,” he added.  

The oil consists of cannabis sativa leaf extract, which the company claims to have been scientifically proven to be helpful for ailments that pets endure with age. The company said that a prescribed dosage of the oil will relieve pets from the anxiety which they experience during common activities like long car journeys or the bursting of firecrackers during festivals. The company also said that the oil will help pets in severe cases of epilepsy, cancer, and arthritis.  

The cannabis-focused medical research segment has been gaining traction of late. Earlier today, Mumbai-based cannabis-focused medical research startup Bombay Hemp Company Pvt. Ltd (BOHECO), said it has raised $2 million (around Rs 14.8 crore) from the family offices of Achin Kochar of the Vi-John Group, and Riteesh Mohan Bakshi and Raghav Mohan Bakshi of RRB Energy Ltd. The company has been backed by Ratan Tata, chairman emeritus of Tata Sons.

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