Ontario police call for public’s help in identifying bud burglar

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Ontario’s Durham Region Police Service (DRPS) is still on the hunt for the sticky-fingered thief who absconded with cannabis products last month. The DRPS is hoping the public can provide a helpful assist in identifying the culprit.

The police released several images of the bandit this week. The as-yet-unidentified suspect was captured, at least on security footage, breaking and entering into Northern Helm Cannabis on Oct. 12 notes a police statement.

 Rolling up on what the police describe as “a little red BMX bike,” the thief broke into the shop in Courtice, Ont. at around 3 a.m. after throwing a rock through the storefront window.

Slipping into the store, the man described as thin and in his 20s made off with “numerous items,” the police say.

Wearing dark shoes, dark pants and two hoodies, the police point out that the first grey sweater had its hood up and the second was “a distinctive, dark Tommy Hilfiger branded hoodie with the logo down the arms.”

Thieves ripping off pot shops is nothing new. Just this summer in Massachusetts, a man believed to be carrying a BB gun robbed a legal cannabis dispensary, believed to be the first time since the state legalized weed.

Sometimes, robbery attempts fall flat of wannabe burglars leave empty-handed.

Consider the determined, but ultimately unsuccessful suspects in Colorado who used their truck to repeatedly ram a reinforced security door to gain entry. Unfortunately for them, the door held and they eventually had to leave the scene, thereby providing a picture-perfect opportunity for the door maker to advertise the strength of its equipment.

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