Dixfield town manager charged in illegal marijuana conspiracy has been fired

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James McLamb, the town manager of Dixfield

The town manager in Dixfield is out of a job after he allegedly destroyed evidence in a multi-million-dollar illegal marijuana conspiracy.

Selectmen unanimously voted to terminate James McLamb.

He's accused of tipping off two former Franklin County Sheriff's deputies that were under investigation for their role in the operation and then destroying evidence.

He was serving as a deputy in the Oxford County Sheriff's Office at the time.

Eleven other people are named in the federal complaint. Lucas Sirois of Farmington is believed to be behind a massive criminal organization with ties to law enforcement

A 109-page criminal complaint and affidavit lays out the case against Sirois, the alleged leader of what's called the "Sirois organization." It shines a light on how area law enforcement and government officials became part of the vast operation and the ways they tried to cover up their crimes.


According to the affidavit, in 2019, Sirois formed a marijuana distribution company with two Franklin County Sheriff's Deputies.

Authorities claim Bradley Scovil and Derrick Doucette worked for Sirois for several months while still employed with the department.


Lucas Sirois exits the Margaret Chase Smith Federal Building in Bangor after his first court appearance on charges related to an alleged conspiracy to use medical marijuana grow houses in western Maine to illegally sell $13 million of the drug in and out of Maine. (Sawyer Loftus / BDN)


They are also accused of using law enforcement databases to provide information to Sirois. In exchange, they allegedly received cash and new SUVs.

Scovil and Doucette left the sheriff's department in late 2019, but the court paperwork states they remained in contact with two other officers and asked them for information.

Then-Wilton Police Officer Kevin Lemay and Oxford County Deputy James McLamb are accused of running license plates and using police databases to help figure out who was surveilling Doucette and Scovil.


Wilton Police Officer Kevin Lemay is accused of tipping off the operators of the drug business about federal investigations. (Contributed)


Also included in the documents was an explanation of how Franklin County Assistant District Attorney Kayla Alves played a role in all of this.

She is Scovil's next door neighbor and reportedly tipped him off to the federal investigation.

Another alleged key player in the criminal organization is a man named David Burgess. He is a former Rangely Selectman and described as having a "managerial role" in Sirois' drug operations.

The documents say Burgess voted in favor of marijuana ordinances that would benefit Sirois in exchange for cash and investments in his business totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

These former law enforcement and government officials face a variety of charges and could face decades behind bars.

McLamb is facing up to 40 years in prison for his role.

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