Trulieve Cannabis Corp Reopens Three Medical Cannabis Dispensaries In Miami and One In Arrowhead, Jacksonville

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Trulieve Cannabis Corp (OTCMKTS: TCNNF) has reopened three formerly Harvest House of Cannabis branded medical cannabis dispensaries in Miami.

The reopening means unrivaled product selection and in-store experience for medical cannabis customers through every step of the process. This supports the company’s ambition of expanding medical cannabis access to patients across the states. The company hopes to exceed the expectations of Miami’s discerning and diverse patient base through exceptional in-store experience, online orders, and state-wide delivery.

The medical marijuana patient population growing rapidly in Miami 

Trulieve Chief Marketing Officer Valda Coryat said, “Trulieve celebrates the diverse and rapidly growing patient population in Miami. We look forward to broadening our community connections in the Miami area and providing an inclusive environment where patients and caregivers can turn for the medical cannabis products they rely on, the brands they trust, and a consistent experience, no matter which location they visit.”

The company has, in recent years, partnered with several organizations in Miami, and it looks forward to continuing with physician partnerships, community support, and marijuana education programs. Its Miami-area programs and partnerships include Epilepsy Florida, Miami Pride, Florida for Care, Pridelines, American Legion, and CannaMoms.

Trulieve reopens Arrowhead dispensary in Jacksonville, its 102nd location 

Also, Trulieve announced the reopening of the Arrowhead area of Jacksonville, Florida dispensary, which is the 102nd Trulieve store in Florida that was formerly Harvest House of Cannabis. Trulieve had announced at the beginning of October the closing of Harvest Health and Recreation Inc. acquisition, and it closed all Harvest locations in Florida for rebranding to Trulieve.

The company will continue opening more dispensaries in the state, considering patient demand and registry are growing. The location joins the other five medical marijuana dispensaries the company has opened in Jacksonville. With the reopening, customers will enjoy 25% discounts at the Arrowhead location, and new customers can receive a 50% discount at any Trulieve location.

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