Republican state senator and former federal marshal in favor of marijuana legalization

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State Sen. Mike Regan (R-York) hails from the same county as outgoing Gov. Tom Wolf. The York County legislator is now the second Republican state senator to express support for marijuana legalization in Pennsylvania, according to the York Daily Record. 

Regan, a member of the Republican-controlled state legislature, is chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee. He now joins State Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie) as the only two Republican members of the state senate now in support of what 58% of Pa. residents already support.


"We will soon experience 'border bleed' with Pennsylvanian's contributing to the tax base of those states, and helping to pay for their roads and bridges," Regan said.

According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 36 states presently have medical marijuana programs.

Regan asserts that Pa. is losing a major opportunity to use that potential tax revenue to provide greater funding for law enforcement and to fight crime, as well as pay for much-needed educational programs, according to York Daily Record reports.

Regan also pointed to the successes of Pa.'s medical marijuana program with a half million enrollments at present.

In a memorandum to his fellow legislators, Regan noted marijuana has been in use by state residents for decades, and that residents' current method of getting marijuana has done nothing but benefit and perpetuate organized crime, gangs, and cartels. 

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