Legalize Cannabis For Adults In Ohio, State Politician Says

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 An Ohio legislator is again trying to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults.

State Rep. Jamie Callendar, from Concord, plans to introduce a bill that would make buying and using cannabis legal for Ohioans 21 and older, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Ohio's existing cannabis producers, who sell their product medically, would be allowed to transition into selling recreational cannabis too.

The legislation also creates a pathway for Ohioans to expunge previous cannabis convictions from their record.

Ohio currently allows cannabis to be used only for treating approved medical conditions. Previous attempts to legalize recreational cannabis use have failed in the Buckeye State, though neighboring Michigan has approved the adult use of the drug.

There is also a ballot initiative that would make cannabis use legal for all adult Ohioans, treating cannabis like alcohol, WKYC reports.

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