Driver of vehicle stolen from North Carolina is caught with marijuana in his underwear

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Flagler County Sheriff’s Office observed a speeding vehicle that was traveling south on Belle Terre Parkway. A traffic stop was conducted and the driver of the vehicle was found to be a convicted felon from North Carolina driving a stolen vehicle also from North Carolina.

Deputies made contact with the driver, who appeared to be extremely nervous and a strong smell of marijuana was emitting from the vehicle. The driver then advised he had marijuana in his underwear. A total of 14.4 grams of marijuana was located, and a firearm was found under the driver’s seat of the vehicle.

The driver was arrested on multiple charges and is being held in the Flagler County jail on $13,500 bond. 

“A felon with a stolen vehicle in possession of a firearm is a recipe for disaster,” said Sheriff Rick Staly.  “Another criminal made the mistake of coming into Flagler County, getting caught and then being taken to the Green Roof Inn. I don’t think this was the Florida vacation he was hoping for.”

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