Eight-year-old rushed to hospital after consuming cannabis edibles

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cannabis bud and gummy bears

An eight-year-old Woodstock child ate a large quantity of cannabis gummies over the weekend. The child was rushed to hospital and was in stable condition. Woodstock police wanted to remind people who consume cannabis, particularly edibles such as gummies or other sweets, to be mindful of safe storage away from children. Police encourage adults to safely store any alcohol and cannabis products out of reach or behind locked doors to ensure children do not consume them by mistake.

In the summer of 2020, Health Canada issued an advisory that children are being harmed after consuming illegal cannabis edibles that are not subject to safety and quality controls, do not have childproof packaging and have been stored by parents in places too easily accessible to kids. The caution was issued following several cases of children having been hospitalized after ingesting illegal weed edibles that looked like regular candies or treats.

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