Weed among the weeds? Hardy marijuana plant makes itself at home along roadway in the U.K.

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farmer in a cannabis field

Eagle-eyed police officers in the U.K. reportedly found what appeared to be a single marijuana plant growing amidst a bunch of friends — these plants, actual weeds — on the side of A14 at Ipswich on Sunday.

The roadway is described as a dual carriageway, according to the BBC. But Suffolk Police were likely taken aback when they saw that the throughway had a little extra something rooted in the dirt and gravel just off the road.

Suffolk Live reports a slip road off the dual carriageway had to be closed while they uprooted the stubborn plant.

As a Class B drug, recreational cannabis is illegal throughout the U.K. Although the maximum penalty for supplying or producing cannabis in the country generally does not come into play, doing so could result in 14 years in prison, an unlimited fine or both.

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