fbpx Four best tips for avoiding cannabis couch lock

Four best tips for avoiding cannabis couch lock

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One of the things that many people love about cannabis is that there are so many varieties from which to choose. Having the ability to choose from multiple marijuana strains means being in control of one’s high at a level that no one would have been able to imagine 30 or 40 years ago.

But depending on how well a consumer knows cannabis strains, that can be both a good and a bad thing.

Here are some tips for dealing with this common consumption mistake.

Fizzy drinks

One of the oldest ways for breaking couch lock is simply for a person to enjoy his or her favourite soft drink.

In this case, the more caffeinated and sugary, the better. Scientists have long claimed that the glucose in soft drinks can increase insulin levels, leading to a burst in energy for one’s prefrontal cortex to eventually break out of couch lock.

Bearing that into mind, before the next smoke sesh, it might be advisable to grab a bottle of pop if a person has plans after partaking.

Don’t sit in the same spot for too long

Depending on whether the setting allows it, getting brief spurts of exercise can do wonders to help eliminate couch lock. There’s no need to burst out with one-handed pushups or anything, of course; taking a quick walk for a glass of water or ducking outside for some fresh air will likely have a bigger impact than expected. If it’s possible, smoking while on a quick walk could be the way to kill two birds with one stone.

Good conversation

Zoning out is one of the inevitable byproducts of getting high, at least most of the time. Clearly, being stuck in the zone is one of the key ingredients leading to being stuck on the couch. That’s why socializing and having some dialogue with others is one of the key ways to escape the feeling of couch lock.

That’s especially the case if a consumer happens to be alone. Try calling someone on the phone or FaceTiming to help get the energy going.

Try some CBD

Last, but not least, one of the least likely methods for defeating couch lock may actually be more weed, but a different type. Some report that CBD can help offset the impact that THC has on the mind and body.

CBD possesses the ability to block CB1 receptors in the brain, providing it with the potential to fight against the psychoactive effects of THC. This plays into why consuming CBD oil or flower can provide users with the sensation of “coming down” if they’ve been consuming high levels of THC.

So, the next time one feels glued to the couch following a smoking session, consider cracking open a favourite can of soda and going for a walk around the block, keeping that CBD pen handy. Maybe call up a relative or friend, too.

Before long, that person will forget all about how glued to the couch he or she was.

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